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Charlize: Hello, I'm Charlize Theron.
Yesterday, April 1st, 2012,
Funny or Die posted a series of videos
supposedly uploaded from
my stolen and hacked phone.
These videos contain depraved acts,
such as swearing at
animals, sex with gimps
and sleep farting. (fart noise)
Many have wondered if this content
is in fact real and
from my personal phone.
The answer is yes, these are authentic
Charlize Theron cell phone videos
and I am extremely disappointed in
the Funny or Die corporations
violation of my trust.
Of course, I am not alone.
Many of my fellow actresses have had
compromising materials leaked.
Let there be no doubt, Funny or Die
is behind all of it.
This website is an enemy to
smoking hot actresses everywhere.
Let this be a warning to each of you.
Funny or Die will steal your phone
and publicly display your junk and bits,
so thank you for watching
and (bleep) you, Funny or Die.
(ominous music)