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We take the usual horror movie clichés suffered by the victim and turn them on the killer.
Published January 19, 2012 320 views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Leslie Alexander as victim
Brandon Muller as killer
Also starring:
Sina Amedson as Ghostface
Mike Cardella as Michael Myers
Doug Ecks as Freddy Krueger
Brandon Muller as Jason Voorhees
And introducing Sassy as False Alarm Cat.
Directed by:
Matthew Scott Hunter
Written by:
Brandon Muller and Matthew Scott Hunter
Ghostface's lines by Sina Amedson
Michael Myers' lines by Mike Cardella
Freddy Krueger's lines by Doug Ecks
Edited by:
Brandon Muller
Music by:
Kevin MacLeod
(Redletter, Right Behind You, Seven March)
Special thanks to:
Jennifer Cornell
Savannah Cornell
The Hesperia Police Department
1989 Supercross Champion Jeff Stanton
Sound effects used:
And one sound from "Wither" by Scabeater from the "Golden Butterfly" album
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