A friendly game of H-O-R-S-E turns into a cutthroat series of competitions between actor Dave Franco and LA Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.

Full Credits

Starring Dave France & DeAndre Jordan
Featuring Bowie the Dog & Elke the Stallion
Written by Dave Franco
Produced by Ally Hord
Director of Photography: TJ Hellmuth
Rap Lyrics by Donald Glover
Original Music by Silas Hite & Ludwig Goransson
Coordinator/AD: Becca Scheuer
AC: Megan Richardson
Gaffer: David Cronin
Key Grip: Kevin Stewart
Swing: Jordan Downey
Sound: Shannon Dean for BoTown Sound
Hair/MU: Emily Rae
PAs: Caitlin Smith, Ross Buran, Andrew Grissom
Colorist Santiago Padilla
Colored by Santiago Padilla
Sound Design/Edit/Mix by Geoffrey Rubay
DIT: Maxwell Donahue
Special Thanks to David Burden at New Hat, Brendan Meyer, Brian Rozelle, Toph Eggers, Erin Evans, Seth Burton, the LA Clippers and Daniel Weiner


[car horns]
Dave Franco: You're up. What ya got
big boy?
DeAndre Jordan: Nothin' but net.
Dave Franco: [Scoffs] Okay.
Dave Franco: All right. Okay.
A first time for everything.
Dave Franco: Easy.
DeAndre Jordan: I was right here.
On that spot.
Dave Franco: [Scoffs] All right. Move!
Get outta here.
[v Dave Franco] Whoo!
DeAndre Jordan: That was a
good shot.
Dave Franco: Yeah, it was.
DeAndre Jordan: That was a good shot.
Hit the back rim.
Dave Franco: What?!
DeAndre Jordan: Yeah, you hit the back rim.
I swished mine, you hit the back rim.
Dave Franco: Are you serious right now?
You're gonna pull that?
DeAndre Jordan: H-O.
Dave Franco: You wanna take this
outside the court?
DeAndre Jordan: Let's go.
Bring it.
[Music Playing]
Dave Franco: All right.
Run it.
Dave Franco: ♪ Good morning.
I'm spittin' about DeAndre Jordan. ♪
Dave Franco: ♪ His rhymes is boring,
his flow is corny. ♪
Dave Franco: ♪ My flow is Lauren,
that's miss education. ♪
Dave Franco: ♪ You miss every shot that you
take from the baseline. ♪
Dave Franco: ♪ Fears, I have faced mine,
your girl give me face time, ♪
Dave Franco: ♪ My dog's something canine,
each one a killer. ♪
Dave Franco: ♪ Talk about your hairline,
that's why you need clippers. ♪
Dave Franco: ♪ I'm hotter than dime strippers,
you can't even tip 'em. ♪
Dave Franco: ♪ Here's a tip you wanna
win this, then zip 'em. ♪
[music stops]
Dave Franco: Swish.
[Music Playing]
DeAndre Jordan: All right, Davey, your
hair's kinda wavy.
DeAndre Jordan: My favorite Ryan Reynolds
flick is Definitely, Maybe.
[Music Playing]
[Music Playing]
DeAndre Jordan: All right, back up.
Back up. Right there.
Dave Franco: All right.
DeAndre Jordan: Don't move.
DeAndre Jordan: This ends now.
Don't move.
Dave Franco: Phbbbbt!
[Music Playing]
DeAndre Jordan: You're up.
Dave Franco: I'm five foot seven
and a half mother...
[Music Playing]