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Full Credits

Starring Kiernan Shipka, Nolan Gould, Danielle Fishel, Eden Wood, and Berit Beebe (as baby Hope)
Written by Chris Kelly
Directed by Stoney Sharp
Produced by Ally Hord
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
DP: Kevin Stewart
2nd Camera/AC: Andrew Crighton
Sound: BoTown Sound
Gaffer: Ricky Fosheim
Production Design: Martin Vallejo
MUA: Genevieve Lamb
Key Grip: Jordan Downey
Editor: Dave Patton
PA: Alistair Walford


Male Voice: Exclusive.
Kiernan Shipka: Hi. I'm Kiernan Shipka,
and I've learned a lot
Kiernan Shipka: about child psychologists
from my work on Mad Men,
Kiernan Shipka: which qualifies me to
be one in real life.
Kiernan Shipka: These are some of my
sessions with other
Kiernan Shipka: child stars.
[music plays]
Kiernan Shipka: Hi Nolan.
Kiernan Shipka: I'm glad you came to see me.
Kiernan Shipka: Last week we were talking
about your constant excessive need
Kiernan Shipka: to make witty asides to a
camera that isn't there.
Nolan Gould: I can't stop.
It's awful.
Nolan Gould: I mean, a'duh.
Kiernan Shipka: You know there's not
a camera there right?
Nolan Gould: Thanks mom.
I get it.
Kiernan Shipka: What's really wrong?
Nolan Gould: Why can't I be
on Mad Men?
Kiernan Shipka: Tell more about that.
Nolan Gould: I got my head stuck in a
banister 11 times last year alone.
Kiernan Shipka: Do you, Nolan Gould, feel
caught in a banister lately?
Nolan Gould: What does that mean?
Kiernan Shipka: I don't think you're quite
read for Mad Men yet.
Nolan Gould: Forget it.
Nolan Gould: Talk about a
real cry baby.
Nolan Gould: Stop it Nolan!
Kiernan Shipka: Kiernan: Thank you
for seeing me Daniel.
Kiernan Shipka: How have you been
since last week?
Danielle Fishel: It's hard.
It's's hard.
Danielle Fishel: I feel like every time I step
outside my house people
Danielle Fishel: are stopping me,
and recognizing me,
Danielle Fishel: for my hosting job,
Danielle Fishel: on The Dish.
Kiernan Shipka: Now Danielle, we've talked
about this before,
Kiernan Shipka: I can't help you if
you lie to me.
Danielle Fishel: What do you mean?
Kiernan Shipka: Let's move to the point of kids
corner where you might
Kiernan Shipka: be more comfortable.
Danielle Fishel: Okay.
Kiernan Shipka: Try repeating
after me:
Kiernan Shipka: No one watched
The Dish.
Kiernan Shipka: I literally only know
about it, because you
Kiernan Shipka: talk about it every week
in our sessions.
Danielle Fishel: No one watched
The Dish.
Danielle Fishel: I actually feel
a lot better.
Kiernan Shipka: Now lets talk about
something else.
Danielle Fishel: Well, everything else has
actually been really good.
Danielle Fishel: I'm super happy, I mean,
I'm really thankful for the
Danielle Fishel: time I got to spend
on Boy Meets World.
Kiernan Shipka: Okay.
Danielle Fishel: Do you want to
see my Emmys?
Danielle Fishel: Look. I carry it with me
everywhere I go, because
Danielle Fishel: it is so pretty.
Danielle Fishel: You were so good as
Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World.
Danielle Fishel: I watch The Dish everyday.
It was so good.
Danielle Fishel: You sound like
everyone else.
Kiernan Shipka: Let's calm down, and talk
about our problems. Okay?
Kiernan Shipka: Tell me what it's like
on Raising Hope.
Kiernan Shipka: I can't help you
unless you let me.
[he whines again]
Kiernan Shipka: Okay. I will push one more
round of anti-depressants, but
Kiernan Shipka: then that's it.
[he's still whining]
Kiernan Shipka: Thank you for
seeing me Eden.
Kiernan Shipka: How have you been coping
since Toddlers And Tiaras
Kiernan Shipka: ended for you?
Eden Wood: I'm just looking forward to
finally seeing what my
Eden Wood: real face looks like.
Kiernan Shipka: You still have never
seen your face?
Eden Wood: I have absolutely no idea what
my actual face looks like.
Eden Wood: It's been hard.
Kiernan Shipka: Tell me more
about that.
Eden Wood: It's hard to hold
my neck up.
Eden Wood: My face is so heavy, and
my hair is so, so heavy.
Eden Wood: I live in constant fear of
my face snapping my neck.
Kiernan Shipka: You've been traveling
around the country for more
Kiernan Shipka: promoting a line of
canopy beds now right?
Eden Wood: Yes, I keep trying to
sneak away, and lay down
Eden Wood: on one of them, but they
always pull me right off of it.
Eden Wood: I haven't slept in 4
and a half years.
Kiernan Shipka: But you're only 6.
Eden Wood: I know.
Kiernan Shipka: Let's talk about
something else.
Kiernan Shipka: What are you doing for Halloween?
Anything fun?
Eden Wood: I want to be a regular human girl,
but my mom won't let me.
Kiernan Shipka: I think it's time you get a look
at your real face
Kiernan Shipka: without all that make-up.
Kiernan Shipka: Would you let me help you
take that make-up off you then?
Eden Wood: Okay.
[music playing]
Eden Wood: Whoo.
Kiernan Shipka: How do you feel?
Eden Wood: I feel beautiful,
Eden Wood: but I can hear my mom
crying through the door.