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Additional Credits:
Starring Kiernan Shipka, Nolan Gould, Danielle Fishel, Eden Wood, and Berit Beebe (as baby Hope)
Written by Chris Kelly
Directed by Stoney Sharp
Produced by Ally Hord
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
DP: Kevin Stewart
2nd Camera/AC: Andrew Crighton
Sound: BoTown Sound
Gaffer: Ricky Fosheim
Production Design: Martin Vallejo
MUA: Genevieve Lamb
Key Grip: Jordan Downey
Editor: Dave Patton
PA: Alistair Walford
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Male Voice: Exclusive.
Kiernan Shipka: Hi. I'm Kiernan Shipka,
and I've learned a lot
Kiernan Shipka: about child psychologists
from my work on Mad Men,
Kiernan Shipka: which qualifies me to
be one in real life.
Kiernan Shipka: These are some of my
sessions with other
Kiernan Shipka: child stars.
[music plays]
Kiernan Shipka: Hi Nolan.
Kiernan Shipka: I'm glad you came to see me.
Kiernan Shipka: Last week we were talking
about your constant excessive need
Kiernan Shipka: to make witty asides to a
camera that isn't there.
Nolan Gould: I can't stop.
It's awful.
Nolan Gould: I mean, a'duh.
Kiernan Shipka: You know there's not
a camera there right?
Nolan Gould: Thanks mom.
I get it.
Kiernan Shipka: What's really wrong?
Nolan Gould: Why can't I be
on Mad Men?
Kiernan Shipka: Tell more about that.
Nolan Gould: I got my head stuck in a
banister 11 times last year alone.
Kiernan Shipka: Do you, Nolan Gould, feel
caught in a banister lately?
Nolan Gould: What does that mean?
Kiernan Shipka: I don't think you're quite
read for Mad Men yet.
Nolan Gould: Forget it.
Nolan Gould: Talk about a
real cry baby.
Nolan Gould: Stop it Nolan!
Kiernan Shipka: Kiernan: Thank you
for seeing me Daniel.
Kiernan Shipka: How have you been
since last week?
Danielle Fishel: It's hard.
It's's hard.
Danielle Fishel: I feel like every time I step
outside my house people
Danielle Fishel: are stopping me,
and recognizing me,
Danielle Fishel: for my hosting job,
Danielle Fishel: on The Dish.
Kiernan Shipka: Now Danielle, we've talked
about this before,
Kiernan Shipka: I can't help you if
you lie to me.
Danielle Fishel: What do you mean?
Kiernan Shipka: Let's move to the point of kids
corner where you might
Kiernan Shipka: be more comfortable.
Danielle Fishel: Okay.
Kiernan Shipka: Try repeating
after me:
Kiernan Shipka: No one watched
The Dish.
Kiernan Shipka: I literally only know
about it, because you
Kiernan Shipka: talk about it every week
in our sessions.
Danielle Fishel: No one watched
The Dish.
Danielle Fishel: I actually feel
a lot better.
Kiernan Shipka: Now lets talk about
something else.
Danielle Fishel: Well, everything else has
actually been really good.
Danielle Fishel: I'm super happy, I mean,
I'm really thankful for the
Danielle Fishel: time I got to spend
on Boy Meets World.
Kiernan Shipka: Okay.
Danielle Fishel: Do you want to
see my Emmys?
Danielle Fishel: Look. I carry it with me
everywhere I go, because
Danielle Fishel: it is so pretty.
Danielle Fishel: You were so good as
Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World.
Danielle Fishel: I watch The Dish everyday.
It was so good.
Danielle Fishel: You sound like
everyone else.
Kiernan Shipka: Let's calm down, and talk
about our problems. Okay?
Kiernan Shipka: Tell me what it's like
on Raising Hope.
Kiernan Shipka: I can't help you
unless you let me.
[he whines again]
Kiernan Shipka: Okay. I will push one more
round of anti-depressants, but
Kiernan Shipka: then that's it.
[he's still whining]
Kiernan Shipka: Thank you for
seeing me Eden.
Kiernan Shipka: How have you been coping
since Toddlers And Tiaras
Kiernan Shipka: ended for you?
Eden Wood: I'm just looking forward to
finally seeing what my
Eden Wood: real face looks like.
Kiernan Shipka: You still have never
seen your face?
Eden Wood: I have absolutely no idea what
my actual face looks like.
Eden Wood: It's been hard.
Kiernan Shipka: Tell me more
about that.
Eden Wood: It's hard to hold
my neck up.
Eden Wood: My face is so heavy, and
my hair is so, so heavy.
Eden Wood: I live in constant fear of
my face snapping my neck.
Kiernan Shipka: You've been traveling
around the country for more
Kiernan Shipka: promoting a line of
canopy beds now right?
Eden Wood: Yes, I keep trying to
sneak away, and lay down
Eden Wood: on one of them, but they
always pull me right off of it.
Eden Wood: I haven't slept in 4
and a half years.
Kiernan Shipka: But you're only 6.
Eden Wood: I know.
Kiernan Shipka: Let's talk about
something else.
Kiernan Shipka: What are you doing for Halloween?
Anything fun?
Eden Wood: I want to be a regular human girl,
but my mom won't let me.
Kiernan Shipka: I think it's time you get a look
at your real face
Kiernan Shipka: without all that make-up.
Kiernan Shipka: Would you let me help you
take that make-up off you then?
Eden Wood: Okay.
[music playing]
Eden Wood: Whoo.
Kiernan Shipka: How do you feel?
Eden Wood: I feel beautiful,
Eden Wood: but I can hear my mom
crying through the door.