PART 5 OF 5. SERIES FINALE: What will happen to the 50 Foot Hippie? Will D.A. Morrissey succeed in jailing him? GUEST SHOTS AT: Frank...
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
CAST: Announcer - Chuck Roy, Jay Stone – Hippieman, Jeanie – Lori Callahan, Mitch Morrisey – Matt Need, Police Chief – Uncle Nasty, Amelia Earhart – Stephanie McHugh, Inmate #1 – Chuck Roy, , Inmate #3/Goat Banger – Lori Callahan, Frank Azar – Uncle Nasty, Judge – Eugene Kenny, Rookie Cop – Chuck Roy, Other Cop – Matt Need
PRODUCED BY: The Uncle Nasty Show 106.7-FM KBPI Denver (

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