Stop being so damn overweight.

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March 31, 2008


Fred Simmons Taekwondo is a place where you
can learn self confidence, and get in shape.
I've been doing it for 2 months, and I feel great.
My ego is up, my self confidence is up,
and my self discipline.
Tell them about how you've
also lost weight from doing this.
Fred Simmons has made me loose...
- Don't say I made you lose, just say he
has helped me lose a lot of weight
I have lost 3 lbs. from taking Fred Simmons' Taekwondo America
- Okay don't say 3 lbs, that sounds...
- But that's how much I lost sir
- But, don't tell them the exact number,
nobody's asking for fuckin' number count.
- Okay
I feel like i'm doing pretty good
- Okay, well listen to me bro, I'm looking at you
through the camera, and you're not looking like a healthy dude.
I'm not trying to sell to people who are fat like you, I just want people
to know that you can lose weight, you don't have to be a loser
Just say that
Don't...I want people to sign up for class.
You look like you are scared.
-Yes, sir
- Just tell'em that...
Do it the way I just told you to
I am still a little fat, but...
- Yes, go on, that's perfect, go on...
Was that hard, that wasn't hard.
That's exactly what I wanted you to say
Say sign up for classes today
Perfect, yeah, see
Sign up for classes today, so you won't
be a fat piece of shit
That's perfect, that's perfect, that's perfect.
[music plays]
Does this look...does this look right...
or does this look like I'm...
Does this look like I'm doing it?