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June 06, 2011


One time Yoko she took off my jeans
Then she went down like a yellow submarine
She gets a lot of visits late at night
They only say two words: hello, goodbye

Listen up right now 'cause her prices are very low
She'll be standing on the corner of a long and winding road

Terrible hair and crooked teeth
playing shitty songs eight days a week
A lot of their lyrics don't make much sense
Who gives a damn who the walrus is

Listen up right now, 'cause I know a decent song
Blackbird is okay but Hey Jude is way too long

George is too quiet, you can't trust that
John is too smart, so watch your back
Ringo is the worst, dishonest slime
He got that nose from lying all the time

Ringo stood up next to Paul
George was there too he was standing tall
John said to them as he got on his knees
Come together right now over me!

Listen up right now 'cause I know this for sure
They pretend to like ladies but they're still the fabulous fou

If I was in the army I would suspect, that a
A sargent named pepper wouldn't get no respect
I like this country and the music it makes
Lets keep the jobs inside the states

Listen up right now, go back from where you came
Your music is cheap, take it back to penny lane