Andy presents Mark with a box...and gives him a choice

Full Credits

director............Andrew Bush
1st AD..............Glenn Matthews
cinematography......Richard Donovan
head gaffer.........Brad Macdonald
box builder.........Blaine Wood
set interns.........Jenna Graham
Ali Stillwell
Jeff Knox-Whynacht
Pat King
Jordan Talbot
Colin Mcardle
Evan Latimer
Music by............Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
special thanks to:
the centre for arts and

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October 08, 2009


[Music Playing]
Andy Bush: Mister Matheson, I know that you are in financial trouble. This box may be the answer to your problem.
Andy Bush: If you push this button, two things will happen. Someone somewhere in the world, who you don't know will die.
Mark Matheson: Okay. [Click]
Andy Bush: And two...
Andy Bush: You just, you just pushed, you just pushed the button. You ju-, You didn't let me finish.
Mark Matheson: Yeah. I'm sorry.
Andy Bush: Yeah, yeah, uh, someone somewhere in the world will die.
Mark Matheson: Got it. [Click]
Andy Bush: Don't hit it again! That's the second, no, just let me finish. But, you'll get a million dollars.
Mark Matheson: Oh.
Andy Bush: Yeah.
Mark Matheson: Okay. [Click]
Andy Bush: Great. That's great. Now you just hit it three times. You killed three people. Wonderful.
Mark Matheson: Can I have my million dollars?
Andy Bush: It was supposed to be like a moral puzzle.
Mark Matheson: [Click] Solved.
Andy Bush: Yeah, no, that's not how you solve the puzzle! It's not that kind of puzzle!
Mark Matheson: I don't, I don't...
Andy Bush: You just killed four people.
Mark Matheson: Okay.
Andy Bush: Do you understand that?
Mark Matheson: Yes.
Andy Bush: You killed four people. You hit that four times. What?
Mark Matheson: Is that? Should I?
Andy Bush: Don't [Click]
Mark Matheson: Round up?
Andy Bush: Don't hit it again! You just, okay, no! Don't round up! Round up to what?!
Mark Matheson: Five?
Andy Bush: To five?!
Mark Matheson: I don't understand.
Andy Bush: You don't wanna kill, okay, just, look, yeah, here. Okay? Here's your million dollars. There, there you go. [Click] Why'd you hit it again?! Why'd you hit it again?!
Mark Matheson: I would like a second million dollars, please.
Andy Bush: It doesn't work that way. You just get one million dollars. Take it.
Mark Matheson: [Click] No deal!
Andy Bush: That is not, what?! No what deal!?
Mark Matheson: I choose the box. [Click]
Andy Bush: Stop hitting the button! You're not choosing the box. You don't get the box. The box isn't part of the deal!
Mark Matheson: Ow ow ow! My finger got caught in this box! [Click, Click, Click]
Andy Bush: Don't!
[Music Playing]