Ryan visits San Diego, where he happens upon an early Halloween costume party.


- Surf's up, honey.
I'm in sunny San Diego.
They're havin' some sort of a costume party or somethin'.
Let's go find us a cot-stume, and have a good time.
(seagulls cawing)
(fireworks exploding)
Yeah, buddy, that's the one.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Whoa baby boy,
I got my cat-stume, and I am ready to go.
I am Batman.
Hasta la vista, buddy.
Hey, Alexa, where are the restrooms at this costume party?
years of Penis in Japan.
Only in Santiago.
Scoogy boogy boo, how are you?
Are you joking my ass?
They got a life size Shrek.
One thing I'll say about Sandy Bagels
is they have a whole lot of danosaurs.
Look at these nasty bad skulls.
I'm spooked as heck.
♫ Transformers,
♫ Robots in-they are cars.
I'm an ogre.
Toly Crobus!
They got a life size Colin O'Brien.
Hi, honey.
- Psychosis.
- Are you jokin' my ass?
Get in my ass and think about what you've done.
Look at the size of this pineapple.
They say it's a 100 feet bit, and...
I am gay.
Wake up, silly ass, we're having a costume party.
Uh-oh, Batman and Brain,
we better not fight.
- I'm gonna break your back, Batman.
- Oh, Jesus Christ!
Toly Crobus!
They got a Lego...
I'll smash his ass for a hundred bucks.
Holy snopes, they got a real live Henry Simpson
holding a...
a ball.
Jumpin' Jefferson,
it's pro wrestler Sting!
Hi, boy!
Ew, icky bad, look at all these nasty poops.
I'm an ogre, Donkey.
I love Stan Liego!
Ass full o' nuts, what a day I've had
here at this impromptu Halloween party.
Everyone was pretty ugly,
but it was still a pretty good time.
I think it even was the best day of my whole life.
(upbeat techno music)