Blake Griffin and his Los Angeles Clippers teammates react to owner Steve Ballmer's new logo designs.

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June 17, 2015


Steve Ballmer: Okay everybody, come on in.
Take your seat.
Steve Ballmer: This is it. The day we've
all been waiting for.
Steve Ballmer: The new logo is here.
Steve Ballmer: Buh-buh-buh-buh...
[Drum roll sound]
Steve Ballmer: Ladies and gentleman, the
Los Angeles Clippers. Boom!
Blake Griffin: That looks like the
Carl's Jr. logo.
Steve Ballmer: Hmm, you know, you
might be right.
Steve Ballmer: Well we don't always get it right
the first time do we?
Blake Griffin: Yeah.
Steve Ballmer: But no worries.
I bought some backup.
Steve Ballmer: See! We're the Clippers.
Chomp on that burger baby.
A little too close to the Burger King logo.
Blake Griffin: Did you make these
Steve Ballmer: Yeah, I figured why
not, right?
Steve Ballmer: This one.
CJ Wilcox: That's Target.
Steve Ballmer: Dang it. Please welcome your
Los Angeles Clippers baby.
Blake Griffin: That's Microsoft.
Steve Ballmer: Old habits.
Steve Ballmer: Well, let's try out this.
How about that?
Steve Ballmer: Subtle star.
Try this?
American Airlines.
Steve Ballmer: Behold.
Do you like this?
Steve Ballmer: We're going to jump out of
the building.
Steve Ballmer: Who got ups? We got ups.
Who got ups? We got ups.
Steve Ballmer: Up, up, up.
Blake Griffin: Steve, I mean I think these are great,
but do you mind if I
Blake Griffin: take a stab at it? I kind of do a
little graphic design, and big
Blake Griffin: into fonts.
Steve Ballmer: This is your guy's team.
Steve Ballmer: So please, go ahead
and have at it.
[Classical Symphony Plays]
Steve Ballmer: First of all, thank you
guys for your patience.
Blake Griffin: After a lot of blood, sweat, and
few tears, I proudly present to you...
Steve Ballmer: Are you kidding me?
Blake Griffin: No, not at all.
Steve Ballmer: Are you kidding?
That's awesome.
Steve Ballmer: Well, lets get out there and print up
some shirts, and lets gear up L.A.
Steve Ballmer: Come on, let's do this.
Blake Griffin: You did it again Blake.