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March 12, 2013


? Verdi: Rigoletto "La Donna è Mobile" ?

? Let's go Ham bone Rainbows. ?

That's Ham bone. That's my daddy.

That's his daddy? Hey. Hey!
Ham bone's Flacco's daddy.


They got marshmallows!

Wha, Whaaaa! (glub glub)

Hey. Hey Hey Hey! What do I always say? If it's not about cake, it's not
worth fighting...for.

Lemme go! I just wanna dance!

Better shave your ass-neck.
You can always go.
Better shave your ass-neck.

One shower, then we'll pass that hedgehog to ya.

'Whoa, almost caught in a pick.'

I don't know what I'm cryin about.

Whatcha readin' there, chief?

(phooop)(sniff sniff sniff)


(suckle suckle)

? Homeboy's gotta white sweetie-pie! ?
Dance, man!

Hey Colin, You're a Kelloggs man, right?

Yeah, check it. If I ever stay at home, for...

Sure, Rice Crispies any time.

Nah, Apple Jacks are so much (Yeah, Right.) boy I hate you.

Hey Johnny? Can you hear me? I know you got my cake, man...where is it?
Com'on bro, don't leave me hangin'!
At least tell me what kind it is.

It's pound. It's a pound cake alright?

'Pound cake! I knew it!! I want it now!'