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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Raw Geronimo is Laena Geronimo, Shannon Marie Lay, Vug Arakas, Lauren Fay, Michael Rudes, and Lance Piebenga.
'NYR TV Show' created and produced by Nicole Turley. Directed and edited by Burke Roberts. Filmed by Dylan Gordon. Original score by Dante White-Aliano. Sound by Anthony Zamora. Live music mix and mastering by Nicole Turley.
'What I Want To Know' written and improvised by Heather Cvar and Dante White-Aliano. Heather Cvar as Ava Manenndethsz. Dante White-Aliano as Filberto. Gian Molina as Roger Onimo.
'Focus On The Breath' music video by Eric Fisher. Featuring Roger Onimo, Rayva Mannendethszz, Rugged Monk, Sir Paul McCarthy Boyington Esquire the IV, Patrick "Fatty Paddy" O'Sullivan, and the artist formerly known as 'Hemingway'.
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