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November 12, 2012


photo antonikid's boy band :

jicki man :
hey masker man. what is that?.
this see has first a-pop name
antonikid's boy band?. you where
my head that about this again.

antonikid :
hey jicki man and masker man where
you my head this from new boyband
antonikid's boy band in year 2012 o
that is year 2013 where you again is?.

look music video antonikid's boy band on DVD Player :

antonikid :
hey father antonikid has borrow this
play music video at the tv classic and
in big widescreen you testing about is?

father antonigames :
hey mom antonigames and masker man
has watch this about has play music with
karoke has song this wait this from to the
not naughty for family with karoke understand?.

antonikid :
okay!. let's play music video has with
use karoke has singning?.