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"Today's news, no filter" with Nicolas and Olivie

So I start to get really mad

Really mad

So I tell the guy to go fuck himself

And then the priest starts to throw holy water in my face

Obviously I'm pissed, and then I grab my gun and I point it in his...


Welcome to the first episode of "Today's news, no filter".

I am your host, Nicolas,

And here is my co-host...


Let's start with the first .

The president of France made a shocking declaration this morning.

He said that since the age of 12

he was feeling like a woman trapped in a man's body.

He said that he will soon start the hormonal therapy to begin his transformation.

Her wife, Valérie, said that this won't change anything for the love she has for Mr. ...

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For Mrs. Hollande.

We all wish her a lot of happiness to her new life.

In the science field...

Wait wait wait...

François Hollande is now a woman?

Yeah... and we all wish him happiness.

So that means Valérie is now a lesbian?

In the science field, Stephen hawking will published a book called "Black holes".

Stephen Hawking? Isn't he the retarded that is in a wheelchair and that talks like Darth Vader?

No. Stephen Hawking has a motor neurone disease.

He is really intelligent and he is well respected in the science field.

Really intelligent... give me a break. He's not even able to say a sentence without the words "Black Holes".

Even his goddamn book is called "Black Holes".

Look... wanna please me? Why don't you read the news?

I can't. I don't have the news.

So what's on you're papers then?

Oh nothing, nothing.

Oli, what's on your papers?


If you don't have the news on your papers, what the hell is on your goddamn papers?

It's Zelda cheat codes at super nintento.

You're kidding right?

I'm not kidding. I'm stucked at level 7.

Here... have fun.

In the science field, Mr. Stephen Hawking...

If the light is not on, that means it's not filming.

The light on that one is on, so that's filming. Stay connected to the light.


In the science field, Stephen Hawking...

We did this one!

Stephen Hawking (stupidly)

Now in North Korea...

Give me that!

Hey hey hey! Give me that. That's my turn.

Alright, that's it, take off!

Okay. In North Korea, it's possible that an attack could be launch...

We don't give a shit honestly!

Alright. How do I get passed level 7 at Zelda.

down, down, A, B, X...

That doesn't tell how to get passed level 7!

Alright fuck off! I need you guys at home. Rej! Put the phone number at the bottom of the screen.

I want someone to tell me how to get passed level 7 at Zelda at super nintendo.

If someone tells me that, I'm buying him a cream soda!

The information told in this video is false.

The opinions expressed by the characters of this video don't represent those of the real people playing a role.

Where the hell is my cigarette!?

Nick!? Come help me!


Host: Nicolas Thériault-Parent
Co-Host: Olivier Thériault

Nicolas Thériault-Parent

Olivier Thériault
Nicolas Thériault-Parent

Olivier Thériault

OWW! Goddamn!



Nicolas Thériault-Parent

Olivier Thériault

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