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May 16, 2013


parianto antonigames said :
hello welcome to the. the third hours. from
to antonikid kanye was bella and family has to
after has compelete. and then. plays game in.
rebirth of childman the video game on haikaox's
pc games hd series. from to see.

parianto antonigames said :
antonikid kanye for use traditional controller fo
haikaox's pc games hd series. from plays game in
action-adventure game. rebirth of childman the
video game. let's play about this antonikid kanye.

antonikid kanye :
okay. this has ended intro music video in video
game in dancing girls and party at the hall was
skipping mode. and play game rebirth of childman.

antonikid kanye :
okay parianto antonigames said. let's press
buttom in click to story mode. and see to the
the first chapter and the first episode.

parianto antonigames said :
hey antonikid kanye. don't play game rebirth of
childman the game. was don't see to about so
wrong controller joystick buttom. has can't play
to story mode or beat'em up mode or platfrom mode?.

antonikid kanye :
oh no!. was electricity was no more energy was
low about parianto antonigame said.

parianto antonigames said :
who are you doing?. who i am can't play game
rebirth of childman the video game was console
video game has broken or crashed?