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June 06, 2011


Excuse me, can you please increase the snare?
Great, thanks.
Ten thirty on a friday my friend says to me
You want to go to the club? I say not really
So we get to the club and the place is happenin'
The cover's ten bucks so I spend my last hamilton
Drinking top shelf really makes a statement
But with my bank account you'll find me in
the basement
The man at the bar wants to know what I like
Anything that boosts self esteem would be
It's like a garbage dump cuz of all these
dirty guys
People wasting paper and recycling their lines
It's like a hot oven and there's people in
my face
A concentration camp but I can't think straight
I'd rather be on Facebook, but that's for
To look at people's pictures with a roll of
tissue paper
I've got no money, only basic tv
I can't pay for porn at least the pop ups
are free
I'll get my magazines if I'm feeling lazy
sears catalog, sometimes macy's
I know it's not classy but I have an addiction
I like victorias secret, but I need a subscription
Now none of the girls want to even look at
This kind of thing doesn't help my self esteem
I have to look busy so that people think I'm
I go the urinal to try and clear my mind
This guy walks in still drinking his scotch
and now I can't go cuz I know I'm being watched
I pretend I'm finished and I go to the sink
But this guy knows I didn't do anything!
Leave the mens room and I stand on the side
There's urine in my bladder and tears in my
My friend says hey you wanna grab a jack and
But I'm still swallowing the sadness in my
My friend says do you want to go and get a
But food could never fill the emptiness inside
I just want someone who understands me and
it's so hard sometimes
Oh God
My father never loved me, he was never there
I can't talk to girls 'cause my mommy never
I'm afraid of having issues after taking off
my pants
I think I'm premature but I've never had the
All these hot girls make me horny and depressed
And it's not good to jerk it when you're feeling
But I go back to my house still thinking bout
the skanks
Then I sit down on the toilet seat facing
the tank