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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Daphne as Leeann Sibble Ed's Mother
Amanda Haupt as Naaney Blodwen Ed's Girlfriend
Nick Wangersky as Dr. Crouton
Wilson as Ed the Zombie
And Special Guest Star
Maggie Reed as News Reporter Lisa LaFlamme
Supporting Cast
Michael Johnson as Dead Camera Man
Directed by
1st AD
Amanda Haupt
David Coleman & Jimi
Make Up
Daphne Kan, Lex & Pearl
Craft Services
Daphne Kan, Jimi, & Wilson
First Aid
Amanda Haupt
Written by
Amanda Haupt, Daphne, Pearl, Nick Wangersky, Wilson, Lex, Michael, Maggie Reed and Constable Flowers
Produced by
Jimi Stewart
Based on the book
"Spots on the Wall"
by Hugh Flung Poo