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Full Credits

Eternal thanks for these titillating sounds and glorious images!
images via stock.xchng
panda - soikha, hortongrou, icelandit, kevyman, egghead, alebeh, emz452, chelle2008
lion - dhany, Dexion, LizzyD, GermanGirl
seal - damo_4701, kalilo
penguin - blink_dg, somadjinn, susush, thisismike, signboard - koteniatko
jeep - duduhp, adric16
goat - marsy, doortenJ
cup - iwd
lollipop - nazreth
sign post - mzacha
sounds via freesound.org
punch - nextmaking
growl - bidone
roar - gabemiller74
quacks - sailor55
straw - tinyjiro

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