Donald Trump threatened to boycott Fox News, even though they go together like toupees and a false sense of superiority.


( music )
Donald Trump's not going
to let illegal aliens come to
the country, and murder our
And Trump has so much money,
he doesn't care about making
his donors angry.
All over the world I make money,
and I build great things.
We're talking about building
walls. Who's going to
build a wall like me on the
southern border.
And honestly Megan, if you don't
like it, I'm sorry.
I've been very nice to you,
although I could probably, maybe not be
based on the way you have
treated me.
You better watch it.
You're going to get run over by a truck.
If I were there I would hit
you with everything I had,
because you're the leader.
MEGAN: Great to see you. Thank you for being here.
TRUMP: Thank you.
Thank you very much.
( music )
( kissing sound )