A leaked "Teaser Trailer" of the new Terminator 5 film, Christian Bale... more »

Full Credits

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Produced/Directed by: Shane Hartline
Shane Hartline as Jack Black/John Conner
Joey Kahm as Edward Cullen
Scotty Trimmier, Garrett Bryant, Sam Paulson, Matt Lewis and David Yolmeh as Soldiers
Lexy Hartline as Child in Distress
Camera Work: Shane Hartline and Madison Hartline
Makeup: Madison Hartline
Shot on Location in Lake Wales, FL
Special Thanks to "Dry Rise" for Providing Us with the Music for this project!
Download "Dry Rise" Entire Album including the Terminator Song for FREE at:
This "Terminator Spoof" is an unofficial not for profit comedy sketch by a group of enthusiast comedians and filmmakers. As a Terminator Fan Sketch, we are not affiliated with the Halycon Company or Warner Brothers Pictures and are producing this comedy short as an entirely non commercial sketch. As with other fan films we are making this purely for the enjoyment of the material and the experience of making a truly funny and enjoyable sketch. 
Footage Used from "Terminator Salvation" Trailer
is property of The Halycon Company and Warner Brothers Pictures