The masters of calling out the Cucks are here! It's the kings of alt right comedy!

Full Credits

Written by Langan Kingsley
Directed & Edited by Tom Levin
Starring: Stefan Schuette, James Dwyer and Jon Bander
Director Of Photography: Lara Aqel
Production Coordinator: Danielle Massie
Gaffer: Sam Cowan
1st AC: Anouk Stiegler
Key Grip: Brian De La Cruz

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[male in voiceover]
They've made over one
million memes.
Written over ten thousand
message board posts.
[ crunching, sipping ]
And been banned from
Twitter over seven hundred times.
[ click ]
[ click ]
[ click ]
They're the
Kings of Alt-Right Comedy.
♪ ♪
With their totally uncensored take on
everything from Crooked Hillary's emails
to White Genocide,
these guys are not holding back.
[ laughing ]
[ choking ]
And you know they're
using basic editing to make
grammatically troubling memes.
Hillary can't give a blow jobs,
but she blows at her job?
[ studio audience laughter ]
Donald Trump hasn't killed anyone,
yet Hillary did the Holocaust?
That's none of
my Benghazi.
[ studio audience laughter ]
[male in voiceover]
And it wouldn't be the
Kings of Alt-Right Comedy
if they weren't harassing woman
and minorities online.
Here's an actually
funny joke.
I'm going to rape
and kill you.
[ studio audience laughter ]
[male in voiceover]
Featuring all of your favorite
Alt-Right catchphrases:
You [bleeping].
You [bleeping].
You [bleep] Jew.
[ studio audience laughter ]
[male in voiceover]
Check them out on the internet,
before they finally fade
into the oblivion they deserve.