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Full Credits

Starring: Michael Kenneth Williams, Sonja Sohn, Andre Royo, Larry Gilliard Jr, Felicia Pearson
Featuring: Faizon Love
Also featuring: Joe Hartzler, Will McLaughlin, David Theune, Dallas Martin, Stephanie Carrie, Ben Parks
Directed/Edited by: Pat Bishop, Oz Rodriguez, Matt VillinesWritten by: Pat Bishop
Producers: Betsy Koch
Associate Producer: Matt Mazany, Music and Lyrics: David Richman, Isaac Laskin, Matt Fogel
Choreographer: Kathryn Burns
Studio Engineer: Dan Petel
Dancers: Kathryn Burns, Marcos Perez, Jason Thomas, Dave Birr, Shaunte Edmond, Jason Williams
Singers: Stephanie Carrie, Ben Parks, Dick Beck, Nikki Olivia, Alex Mendoza, Kevin Kim
1st AD: Caitlin Smith
2nd AD: Luis Sanchez
Director of Photography: Kevin Atkinson
Camera Operators: Jay Guffey, Josh Fritts, Brad Grimmet
Camera Assistant: Jordon Lee
Gaffer: Oswalt Colunga
Best Boy Electric: Carlos Mauricio
Key Grip: Armando Colunga
Production Designers: Martin Vallejo, Ellie Del Campo
Art Director: John Roberson
Candy Lopez: Prop Master
Art PA: Andrea Martinez
Wardrobe Stylist: Jacquelyn Moran
Wardrobe Assist: Jacquelyn Make Up/Hair: Kat Bardot & Derrick Kollock
Make up/Hair Assist: Kathleen PardoSound Mixer: Bo Sundberg
Playback: Bo Sundberg
On Set Recording: Ryan Knouf BTS Photos: Mandee Johnson
Playbill Illustration: Michael Jasorka
PA: Andrew Grissom, Anthony Knassas, Saba Zerehi, Derrick Bazemore
Special Thanks to: Matt Goldman and Michael Kimbrew


Announcer: America's war on drugs has failed. Baltimore has been torn apart by drug-related violence. But now, the violence is spreading. Spreading. To the Player's Theatre! This summer in The Wire: The Musical!
Larry Gilliard Jr.: WMD's right chere, right chere. WMD's.
Felicia Pearson: Omar comin'!
Announcer: Michael Kenneth Williams reprises his role as Omar.
Dallas Martin: Omar's comin'
Larry Gilliard Jr.: Omar's comin'.
Cast Members: Omar's comin'. Omar's coming. Omar's coming!
Michael Kenneth Williams: [Singing] When Omar go a huntin' all the slingers shout my name. They ask me Omar how are you surviving this game? You gotta whistle, babe. Before the shotty goes boom.
Audience: [Laughter]
[Whistling] [Clapping]
Cast Members: Omar!
Announcer: Featuring many of your favorite cast members, and some fresh faces.
Dave Theune: He's a bastard.
Felicia Pearson: He's my partner.
Policeman One: Real police.
Policeman Two: Absentee father.
Joe Hartzler: [Singing] I'm McNolte! Screwing Ronnie when I'm drunk, solving homicides with bunk.
Cast Members: [Singing] Jimmy McNolte!
Sonja Sohn: You're a real piece of work, McNolte.
Joe Hartzler: What the frick did I do?
Announcer: It's a family-friendly show. You'll see all your favorite characters. Like Bubbles!
Cast Members: [Singing] Come on Bubs!
Stephanie Carrie: [Singing] Come on Bubs!
Cast Members: [Singing] Stop doin' drugs!
Stephanie Carrie: [Singing] Stop doin' drugs!
Andre Royo: [Singing] My name's Bubs.
Stephanie Carrie: [Singing] His name's Bubs.
Andre Royo: [Singing] I sniff the drugs.
Stephanie Carrie: [Singing] He sniffs the drugs!
Andre Royo: [Singing] I gotta talk about surviving, get that power high above! Come on Bubs! Stop doing, Bubs, stop doin' Bubs, stop doin' drugs!
Announcer: D'Angelo Farksdale.
Larry Gilliard Jr.: Why you all playing checkers on a chess set?
Chess Player One: 'Cause we don't understand chess.
Chess Player Two: It doesn't relate to our lives.
Larry Gilliard Jr.: But don't you see? [Singing] Chess is a metaphor for drug deals. Avon is the king and we're the pawns. But the game don't change and the king will stay the king, while you and I will soon be dead and gone.
Announcer: You'll see Snoop as you've never seen her before.
Felicia Pearson: Man, this some Cinderella bull [beep] man!
Announcer: And Faizon Love as Stringer Bell.
Female Cast Members: [Singing] Ah. Stringer. Bell.
Faizon Love: I hate forty degree days.
Announcer: Experience The Wire's realistic portrayal of America's decaying inner cities through the magic of song.
Dallas Martin: [Singing] I'm just a burner. They can't trace me. Use me for drug deals then replace me.
Audience: Aww!
Ben Parks: [Singing] Mister Yedahara a parasite leeching off the drug game.
Michael Kenneth Williams: [Singing] Well you and I is exactly the same.
Ben Parks: [Singing] Excuse me, what?!
Michael Kenneth Williams: [Singing] You heard me, you disgrace. I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase.
Announcer: You'll have the catchy songs stuck in your head all week.
Cast Members: [Singing] There are complex problems inherited in the bureaucratic institutions of the state. But, there's no one to blame. It's a vast array of personal interest that conflicted the way our minds view the overall system.
Announcer: You'll experience all five seasons of one of television's densest shows in ninety minutes of musical magic.
Michael Kenneth Williams: I finally understand. The cops. The slingers. We're all the same. As we go through life, we all walk along. The wire!
Stephanie Carrie: It's all in the game, but how long must we play?
Announcer: The New York Times writes I'm pretty sure David Simon doesn't know they're doing this. But if he did, he'd love it!
Andre Royo: I need to hit it.
Michael Kenneth Williams: Ya'll come on down to the Player's Theatre, or Omar gonna come to your house and put some lead in you.That's Fridays and Saturdays, and Sunday matinee.
Announcer: The Wire: The Musical. Tickets on sale now.