A hidden camera reaction of Italians eating Pizza Hut lasagna.

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February 24, 2009


The video opens with a shot of an Italian style building, complete with columns. There is white text overlaid on the image that reads:

Cooking Class
Rome, Italy

Announcer (voiceover): We went to Italy and had culinary students critique the chef’s lasagna…

The shot cuts into the building and a kitchen is shown. Students in white aprons surround a counter and there is cooking taking place.

Announcer: … but it was actually delivered by Pizza Hut.

One of the student walks away from the counter and approaches an oven. He opens the oven and pretends to pull a pan out of the oven. On the other side of the “oven” a man wearing a Pizza Hut uniform is shown handing a pan through the “oven” to the student. The shot cuts to the students holding plates and sampling the “chef’s” lasagna.

Male Student #1 speaks in Italian and the subtitle reads - Who pissed in the lasagna?

Male Student #2 speaks in Italian and the subtitle reads - This tastes like dick.

Female Student #1 speaks in Italian and the subtitle reads - This food erases the good memories of my mother’s cooking.

Male Student #3 speaks in Italian and the subtitle reads - This is actually lasagna from Pizza Hut.

The man in the Pizza Hut uniform enters the rooms, smiles and waves to the cooking students.

Pizza Hut Employee - Hey guys!

He picks up a box that reads Pizza Hut on the side. The culinary students pretend to smile and speak in Italian. The subtitle reads - Motherfucker! The students throw their hands up in the air and continue speaking. The subtitles read - No wonder it tasted like horseshit! The subtitles shift to read - Death to America! The students then begin clapping. The shot cuts to an image of a slice of lasagna being lifted from a pan. The Pizza Hut logo appears with the words NEW TUSCANI LASAGNA beneath it.

Announcer (voiceover) - New Tuscani lasagna from Pizza Hut! Over three pounds of lasagna feeds four for just $14.95 with breadsticks.

The shot cuts back to the Pizza Hut logo with the words NOW YOU’RE EATING beneath it.

Announcer (voiceover) - Now you’re eating.