Boyz II Men, End of the Road, classic 1990s. Literally.

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Alex Heitlinger

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June 08, 2010



Sittin in the darkness,
Gonna thrust out my chest.
Just to my right, some weird guy,
And graffiti to my left.

Scratch my chin and look up,
And the jazz hands never die.
I need a tailor, this suit fits too snugly.
Not my size!

Weve got 4 colored shirts, weve got 4 matching ties,
Got green matching jackets, I thrust in my chair.
Gross overacting, I'll open my shirt.
Look at these fake trash cans with fire!

Awkward montage, one guy claps, oh rejected.
Tap time with that cane.
Cut back to the roof, throw away that rose,
Lets emote some more!

Hey-y-y, we look like a team of woodsmen,
I play pocket pool.
I like to talk with my hands,
Number one, I pantomime.

We just tagged the word Cod
And these guys are so ashamed.
Number three, because its me, Im 3rd best of 4
Singing guys.

Fade from blur, twitch my head, as she takes off the ring.
Fade to plaid shirts and make them look like wings.
Fist pound and squint, different girl shakes her head
And maybe Ill prete-end, to cry-y-y

Yellow and Black, (like a rainbow) Orange and Green matching jump suits (theyre really cute)
Crouching man (I was like a crouching tiger, hidden dragon, ninja, oh-oh-yeah), stands up.
Then we almost kiss.
Weve got stripey shirts.
Have a back massage.

(spoken word in low voice)
Girl, Ive got this cane because I have scoliosis.

It's a medical condition, a curvature of the spine, a serious condition.

My canes got a lions head on it, a freaking lions head.

I may be disabled, but I still do things, Like going to the beach

With my friend in the pink shirt. (pink is my color) Hes not gay, just stylish.

Cod (got these glasses toooo) thats what we wrote here, and TC-5 AND WEN ONE and other things too.

(why arent I looking at you or the camera? I dont know) I like the sound of the waves, it relaxes me.

Used to have a a CD with wave sounds, but I lost it. Lost it!

(chorus: plaid shirts)
Yes baby we are wearing plaid shirts
(plaid shirts)
Theyre matching baby
(plaid shirts)
But its really hot out here, Baby
(plaid shirts)
Baby, please.

The train stations fake,
But the money is real,
Thats how we afford all these clothes.

Now wave your hands!
Always cross at the crosswalk.
Acting like the Beatles.
Just our jeans are blue.
Train still hasnt come.
Now Im on my knees.

Clap. Step and Clap, Wheres the Boat? (oh, here we go, on a boat)
Trying to dance (I like boats, wont you look at me now?) all slow. (not them! me, me)
Now weve almost crossed. (me, me, me, me, me, me)
Act like superman.
Point to us, then you.