Justin Bieber, Jennette McCurdy, Haley Joel Osment, Craig Healy, and other humans talk about that stuff people are always feeling: emotions!

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Starring Justin Bieber, Jennette McCurdy, Haley Joel Osment, Craig Healy, Chris Smith, Cassie Scerbo, Tara Holt, Xosha Roquemore, Echo Kellum and Mike Mitchell
Writer/Director: Jack Allison and Dan Klein
Producer: Katy Walker
DP: Berenice Eveno and Christina Dunlap
Gaffer: Sevdije Kastrati and Robert Edgecomb
Production Designer: Tricia Robertson
HMU: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Sound: Ryan Kaiser
PA: Megan Kelly

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May 14, 2014


From the makers of Girl Code, and Guy
Code, it's Human Code.

> If other animals could talk, I'd be all
like, shut up
dude, I don't care that you gotta poop or
whatever, talking's for humans.

> Up next, they're like emoticons, but in
real life, they're called emotions.

> I mean, you get to feel happy, you get
to feel sad, emotions are dope.

> Your brain has got all these chemicals,
and it like mixes them up like a

> It makes you know how to feel stuff.

> Yeah.

> So I get mad happy when good stuff
happens, otherwise, I can get sad, though.

> Sometimes you can't control your
emotions, it's confusing.
It's like, so who's in control, [LAUGH], I
don't like this.

> Things would be way easier if our
weren't so complicated, but also, a lot
more meaningless.

> It's bigger and stronger than you'll
ever be no, not a bear, it's society.

> Society is like this weird invisible
thing that we all live inside of.
You don't got a choice, I wish I had a

> Sometimes people want society to
But those people are usually looked at as
crazy or dangerous, even though they might
be right.

> Society is like playing pretend, but
every day and for real.

> Other animals don't get to have stuff
money, cuz they don't need it only we do.

> I don't know who made society, it's
like old people or dead people or

> Or rich people?

> Dude, money's kinda [BLEEP] 'ed up
because it can make people poor, and
how's that even possible for someone's
to be worth more than someone else's life.

> I don't really like thinking about how,
things came to be and why things are.

> I don't know man.

> Just go be a person.

> Please don't make me say Human Code