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The easiest, simplest, most annoying way of remembering to take your birth control. #HassleHelper
Published May 29, 2014 7.2k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Beth: Kate Mason
Nicole: Cathryn Mudon
Helper 1: Allyson Condrath
Helper 2: Lauren Ireland
Helper 3: Alexis Cash
Helper 4: Olivia Wardwell
Date: Keith Rubin
DP: Taylor Stanton
Gaffer: Michael Ren / Pauline Gefin
Sound: Artem Kulakov / Jacopo Messina
Stylist: Bilen Gaga
Hair/Makeup: Karla Hirkaler
PM: Paula Navitral
Written, Directed, Edited: Jason A Messina
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69 Die Votes
Published May 29, 2014

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