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Directed By Ryan Perez
Written by Ryan Perez, Mike Tyson, and Kiki Tyson
Starring Mike Tyson, Leonard Maltin, and Allan McLeod
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Produced: Anna Wenger
Editor: Ryan Perez
Director of Photography: Daniel Levin
Sound: Ryan Kaiser
PA: Max Elfeldt
Grip: Vida Lott


Male Voice: Exclusive.
Leonard Maltin: Hi, and welcome to the program.
I'm Leonard Maltin.
Leonard Maltin: We're talking Oscars tonight.
My guest is the
Leonard Maltin: Undisputed Former Heavyweight
Champion of the world.
Leonard Maltin: A man you've also seen
in movies like
Leonard Maltin: Crocodile Dundee in
Los Angeles, more recently
Leonard Maltin: The Hangover.
Mister Mike Tyson.
Leonard Maltin: Welcome Mike. Nice to have
you here. Lets start
Leonard Maltin: with best pictures. There
a lot of choices this year.
Leonard Maltin: We've got Inception. We've
got Toy Story 3--
Mike Tyson: Well, I think Avatar should
definitely win Best Picture,
Mike Tyson: and Halle Berry definitely
should win Best
Mike Tyson: Actress, because she was
beautiful. Her performance
Mike Tyson: was just stupefying.
You know?
Leonard Maltin: There's only one problem.
Avatar didn't come out this year,
Leonard Maltin: and Halle Berry
isn't in it.
Mike Tyson: No, no. You're mistaking.
Avatar did come out,
Mike Tyson: and Halle Berry was in it.
It was 3D, and she had
Mike Tyson: all that blue colored shit
on, but it was her, because
Mike Tyson: I've met her before in
person, okay. Trust me.
Mike Tyson: Believe me on
that, alright.
Mike Tyson: Don't question it.
Leonard Maltin: Okay. Okay.
Leonard Maltin: Lets try another film then.
The Social Network.
Leonard Maltin: Did you like
The Social Network?
Mike Tyson: Listen, I'm not really on
Friendsters or anything
Mike Tyson: like that, but after watching
that particular
Mike Tyson: movie I decided to sign up.
It's kind of tricky with
Mike Tyson: me and these internet...all these
little tricky secret buttons, you know.
Mike Tyson: You think you could
be my Friendster?
Leonard Maltin: Sure.
Mike Tyson: I'll hold you to that.
Leonard Maltin: Alright.
Leonard Maltin: There's one independent
film in the lineup for
Leonard Maltin: Best Picture this year.
It's called Winter's Bone.
Leonard Maltin: It's this little film--
Mike Tyson: Forget that. I don't know anything
you're talking about.
Leonard Maltin: One nominee you should know
something about is
Leonard Maltin: The Fighter.
Mike Tyson: I saw it. Yeah.
Leonard Maltin: Mark Wahlberg spent a
lot of time training,
Leonard Maltin: getting ready, trying to be
a convincing fighter on screen.
Leonard Maltin: You think he could pass
muster in the real life
Leonard Maltin: in the ring?
Mike Tyson: Is it going to be Marky
Mark by himself, or
Mike Tyson: is he going to have the
The Funky Bunch with him?
Leonard Maltin: No, just Marky Mark.
Mike Tyson: I don't think he got it
in him. The Funky Bunch
Mike Tyson: was carrying him all along.
You have the heavy
Mike Tyson: set black woman scream at
the top of her lungs,
Mike Tyson: and you got the other guys
doing the Hammer, Vanilla Ice
Mike Tyson: stance. It's a possibility
he might get obviated without
Mike Tyson: The Funky Bunch.
Leonard Maltin: The front runner for
Best Picture this
Leonard Maltin: year is The
King's Speech.
Mike Tyson: Don King's speech?
Leonard Maltin: No-no. It's a movie called
The King's Speech.
Mike Tyson: Oh, I thought it was
some more of that
Mike Tyson: only in America bullshit.
I heard enough of that
Mike Tyson: for one lifetime. Shit. Well
regardless, King's Speech,
Mike Tyson: Don King, I didn't
see that shit.
Leonard Maltin: Mike, I want to talk to
you about Best Actresses now.
Leonard Maltin: We've got a lot of talented
woman here. We've got
Leonard Maltin: Natalie Portman,
Michelle Williams--
Mike Tyson: In all due respect, I think
if Meryl Streep doesn't
Mike Tyson: win for All The Kids Are
Here, this whole Oscar
Mike Tyson: crap is rigged,
you know.
Mike Tyson: It's just not right.
You know what I mean.
Leonard Maltin: I think you're getting
a little mixed up, because
Leonard Maltin: Meryl Streep isn't in any
of these movies, and
Leonard Maltin: the movie is called
The Kinds Are All Right.
Leonard Maltin: Did you actually see this
movie, The Kinds Are All Right?
Mike Tyson: Yes, I saw the damn movie.
What you mean asking
Mike Tyson: me if I saw the movie?
Of course I saw the movie.
Mike Tyson: What you think I'm doing
here for if I didn't see the damn movie?
Mike Tyson: Who you think I'm here for?
You think they just brought
Mike Tyson: me out of here out of
osmosis or something?
Mike Tyson: I watched the damn movie.
I mean, if you gonna host
Mike Tyson: a show like this, you need
to do your homework too.
Mike Tyson: You need to watch the movie
again. You might've went
Mike Tyson: to sleep, or
passed out.
Mike Tyson: You went and took some
Ozone, or some sleeping
Mike Tyson: pills, but just get it
together, and watch
Mike Tyson: the movie again
please, alright.
Leonard Maltin: I will on
your advice.
Mike Tyson: So disrespectful
you are Leonard.
Leonard Maltin: No. No.
Leonard Maltin: I'm going in a different
direction now.
Leonard Maltin: Are there any movies
this year that you think
Leonard Maltin: were left out, were
overlooked by the Academy?
Mike Tyson: Yes, big time. My movie,
The Pigeon Whisperers.
Leonard Maltin: The Pigeon Whisperers?
Mike Tyson: Yes. My movie.
Mike Tyson: I starred in it. I wrote it.
I directed it.
Mike Tyson: I'm very similar to Kevin
Costner's Dancing with Wolves,
Mike Tyson: but I'm not dancing with no
damn wolves. I'm talking to pigeons.
Leonard Maltin: You're talking
to pigeons?
Mike Tyson: Big time.
Leonard Maltin: Is this a real movie Mike?
Mike Tyson: No. It's a big time
real movie. A matter of fact,
Mike Tyson: I've got a clip.
Mike Tyson: Roll.
[pigeon cooing]
Mike Tyson: Hey, what's going on?
Allan McLeod: My pigeon Chompers.
He's depressed.
Allan McLeod: His brother was killed
by a hawk. I don't know
Allan McLeod: what to do.
Mike Tyson: Hey old Chomper boy buddy,
friend of mine.
[mimics a pigeon cooing]
[the pigeon coo's back]
Mike Tyson: Don't mention it. Just remember
to pay it forward, alright buddy?
Mike Tyson: You have all
my magic.
Mike Tyson: Fly Chopper.
Fly Chopper. Fly.
Mike Tyson: Can you believe
I'm not nominated?
Mike Tyson: You see that?
Mike Tyson: Pfft. This is
all bullshit.
Leonard Maltin: That's Mike Tyson's
take on the Oscars.
Leonard Maltin: I'm Leonard Maltin.
We'll see you next time.