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Full Credits

Chad Winters - Tony Hale
Angus Gentry - Adam Pally
Pool Manager - M. Emmet Walsh
Laney Winters - Erin Whitehead
Chad’s Daughter - Helena Clausen
Falcon - Ronnie Adrian
Ant Man - Jefferson Dutton
Hawkeye - Peter Banifaz
Scarlet Witch - Jennie Pierson
Black Widow - Katie Malia
Vision - Luis Fernandez-Gil
Black Panther - Casey Feigh
Cross Bones - Allan McLeod
Winter Soldier - Jim Logan
Spiderman - Dirk Ellis
War Machine - Esko Robinson
Robert DeNiro - Ryan Perez
Crowd - Dave Ferguson, Anthony Troli, Edgar Castillo, Favian Castillo, Sylvana Castiollo, Jeremy Klein, Kyle Klein, Stacey Dacheux
Director/ Writer - Allan McLeod
EP - Owen Burke
Co-writer/ co-producer - Dave Ferguson
Producer - Libby de Leon
Coordinator - Matt Myers
1st AD - John Klymshyn
DP - Richard Card
1st AC - Chess Pettengill
2nd AC - Khalil Omer
Key Grip - Nate Poniatowski
Grip - Logan Allbaugh
Gaffer - Noah Flippo
Electric - Luka Pascalicchio
Swing - Jeremiah Wessling
Production Designer - Megan Sunzeri
Set Dresser - Guillermo Fion
Assistant Set Dresser - Mike Portillo
Costume Designer - Michelle Thompson
Assistant Costume Designer - John Thompson
Additional Costumes supplied by Jim Logan
HMU - Erin Blinn
HMU Assistant - Tania Hahm
Sound - Mason Hankins
PA - Connor Glass, Jessica Dancer, John Hume
Post Supervisor - Marty Cramer
Editor - Peter Lazarus
Additional Editors - Chris VanArtsdalen, Brad Schultz
VFX - Shawn James
Sound pass - Sean Oakley
2nd Unit:
DP - Carissa Dorson
Gaffer - Alex Labor
Sound - Chris Bennett via BoTown Sound
Special Thanks - Sean Boyle


♪ [music] ♪
Tony Hale: Chad: Team Iron Man!
Tony Hale: We got Vision.
We got Black Panther.
Tony Hale: We got Black Widow.
Tony Hale: We got War Machine.
Tony Hale: This man doesn't
need an introduction--
Tony Hale: Oh my God, I just fell asleep listening
to all of that boring bullshit.
Tony Hale: Welcome to Team Cap.
Tony Hale: We got Bucky.
Tony Hale: We got the Scarlet Witch.
Tony Hale: We got Falcon.
Tony Hale: We got Ant Man.
Tony Hale: And we got Hawkeye.
Tony Hale: And that's a real fucking
team my friend.
Tony Hale: Look at these
bad asses.
♪ [music] ♪
Tony Hale: Chad: My name is Chad Winters,
and I've been doing this for years.
Tony Hale: Why don't we just
sit down sweetie.
Tony Hale: Why don't we just sit down
and face the camera.
Tony Hale: There we go.
Tony Hale: Let's just do that.
[she giggles]
Tony Hale: I actually started when the original
comic book saga came out,
Tony Hale: let me just stick that down here,
Tony Hale: and back then no one had really
seen like a living depiction of the battle.
Tony Hale: And then when Captain America: Civil War
came out, it was
Tony Hale: you know, very popular and it
was a lot easier to meet people
Tony Hale: who were interested in a hobby,
if you want to call it, it's not that
Tony Hale: of course, it's more of a
lifestyle, but people still
Tony Hale: want to keep saying that word.
You know what? I'm not going to
Tony Hale: talk about that, because,
Tony Hale: that stirs up a lot in me, and I don't...
Tony Hale: just give me a second.
Tony Hale: My name is Chad Winters, and
I'm a proud Civil War reenactor.
Dirk Ellis: Spiderman: Keep calm.
Angus Gentry: Angus: It's summer time. We're busy.
Long hours.
Angus Gentry: Like I always tell people,
Angus Gentry: if you can't be at a pool,
the next best place to be
Angus Gentry: is a pool supply store,
Angus Gentry: or I guess a lake.
Angus Gentry: Angus: This is pretty much
your standard pool noodle.
Angus Gentry: A lot of people don't know it,
but if you buy two, you don't
Angus Gentry: have to get any life vests
for your pool.
Angus Gentry: This thing is pretty much just
as good as a life...
[crashing sound]
Angus Gentry: Angus: When I first started,
I was doing Civil War reenactments,
Angus Gentry: like North versus
South Civil War.
Angus Gentry: Then I realized,
Angus Gentry: I can be Captain America,
Angus Gentry: not just Captain North
or Captain South.
Angus Gentry: Plus,
Angus Gentry: I do share the
views of the South.
Angus Gentry: My name is Angus Gentry,
Angus Gentry: and I'm a Civil War reenactor.
♪ [music] ♪
♪ [music continues] ♪
Jefferson Dutton: Parker: First rule of battle,
Jefferson Dutton: always protect yourself.
Wear sunscreen.
Jennie Pierson: Jenni: Okay, here we are.
It's bright an early.
Jennie Pierson: We're recreating the famous
battle of the airport.
Jennie Pierson: Today this is going to be
reenacting the initial assault,
Jennie Pierson: and this is Falcon swooping
down, twist kicking--
Jennie Pierson: Uh, I'm sorry...
oh, are you okay?
Ronnie Adrian: No. I'm good.
I'm good. I'm good.
Jennie Pierson: Do you need any ice?
Ronnie Adrian: No-no-no. I'm okay.
Jennie Pierson: Okay. He's okay.
Ronnie Adrian: Ronnie: I'm not as crazy into
reenacting like some of these other folks are,
Ronnie Adrian: who do it all the time.
Ronnie Adrian: I just do it like 3
or 4 times a week.
Tony Hale: Chad: I would say, experiencing
the movie is fine,
Tony Hale: but to literally experience
the thing that the movie is
Tony Hale: based on,
Tony Hale: it just, it makes you...
Tony Hale: it makes you feel like a hero...
Tony Hale: sorry.
[he weeps]
Tony Hale: For algae control, this one,
it's less toxic, and it lasts longer.
Tony Hale: And actually in Rio, they're
using this for the Olympics.
Tony Hale: It's supposed to
kill the Zika virus.
Tony Hale: Is this a gift?
Do you want me to wrap it up?
Angus Gentry: Angus: Chad and I have been
co-workers here at Pool Party
Angus Gentry: for 4 years now.
Angus Gentry: You can go with silicone,
Angus Gentry: or you can go with latex.
Angus Gentry: If it was up to me,
Angus Gentry: I would go with Latex.
I feel like it just feels better.
Angus Gentry: You know?
Tony Hale: Chad: Okay.
Angus Gentry: Angus: I wish we made a
sheep skinned one, but
Angus Gentry: it's not the 70s,
you know?
Angus Gentry: Angus: When I first found out
that he was a reenactor as well,
Angus Gentry: it was amazing, but yeah,
Angus Gentry: lately things have changed.
Angus Gentry: Angus: That doesn't look like
the Mark 46 Bleeding Edge Armor to me.
Tony Hale: Well, I wouldn't exactly say your
outfit is exactly canon either.
Tony Hale: You know, if I didn't have to buy
all the drinks in the Shawarma today,
Tony Hale: on top of my daughter's bracelets,
maybe I could afford an upgrade.
Angus Gentry: Yeah, I know Chad's
got a family, but
Angus Gentry: I don't have time
for distractions.
Angus Gentry: You know?
Angus Gentry: Look, if that's what you
want to wear, it's fine.
Tony Hale: Do you know what? Sometimes, I
want to punch you in your perfect teeth.
Angus Gentry: Do it.
Angus Gentry: Woof!
Angus Gentry: Woof! Woof!
Tony Hale: Chad: Yeah, I'm not going
to lie, this uh,
Tony Hale: this particular battle
is taking its toll.
Angus Gentry: Angus: ...We've got Ant Man, and
we've got Hawkeye, and that's a real
Angus Gentry: Angus: fucking team my friend.
Look at these bad asses.
Angus Gentry: We're going to
fuck your shit up.
Angus Gentry: I'm going to put Ant Man on
one of Hawkeye's bows.
Angus Gentry: Then he's going to put it on
to his arrow. Shoot him in to your suit,
Angus Gentry: and then Ant Man is going to
get all up in to your dick hole like
Angus Gentry: one of those Thai parasites you
get when you go swimming in the Amazon.
Tony Hale: You're going to try to
make that Ant Man?
Tony Hale: Ant Man's small. How are
you going to do that?
Angus Gentry: I've got my imagination
you piece of shit.
Tony Hale: Chad: Oh, bullshit. Nobody
uses an imagination.
Tony Hale: You've got to make it real.
Angus Gentry: Yeah, well, your wife has been
up front honking her horn for
Angus Gentry: the last five minutes.
[car horn honking]
Jefferson Dutton: One of the tricky things is
depicting Ant Man's ant leg size.
Jefferson Dutton: So, I find a lot of these big
pencils. Anything that's bigger
Jefferson Dutton: than what it would normally
be, makes me look good.
Jefferson Dutton: And so um, in order to accurately
depict him riding an arrow
Jefferson Dutton: We do a forced perspective
thing, where I'm really far away
Jefferson Dutton: from that arrow.
Peter Banifaz: Pete: If you look at it
through forced perspective--
Peter Banifaz: Pete: See? It gives it scale.
It makes it that much more real.
Casey Feigh: Uh! Ow!
Casey Feigh: Zack: The story of T'Challa,
the Black Panther has
Casey Feigh: always inspired me.
Katie Malia: Dr. Jessica: Don't (Giggling).
Casey Feigh: Zack: A lot of people say like,
Casey Feigh: "Hey, you shouldn't be Black
Panther. It's not accurate,
Casey Feigh: or it's white washing,"
but I identify as black so it's not
Casey Feigh: white washing for me.
Ronnie Adrian: Ronnie: I'm almost at a 100% for
my Falcon costume. I just need the wings.
Ronnie Adrian: Some people say that's the
most important part of the costume.
Ronnie Adrian: I think it's the heart,
but the wings do help.
Ronnie Adrian: So, I'm saving up for that, but
you know, I get a couple of more battles
Ronnie Adrian: under my belt, and a couple
of more extra hours in,
Ronnie Adrian: I'll have wings.
Katie Malia: Dr. Jessica: I mean, we do strive
for accuracy. Every costume.
Katie Malia: Every weapon. It should be
precisely or as close to what the
Katie Malia: character was using
in this or that battle.
[electrical charging sound]
Tony Hale: To call us fans, that's kind
of insulting you know.
Tony Hale: My granddad was an Iron Man.
My dad was an Iron Man.
Tony Hale: My sweet little daughter is going
to be an innocent bystander this year,
Tony Hale: and then in the next year,
she's going to be a Shield agent,
Tony Hale: and then in a few years, what
am I going to give you?
Helena Clausen: The Gauntlet.
Tony Hale: The Gauntlet.
Helena Clausen: Daddy, can I
have a cookie?
Tony Hale: Yeah.
Erin Whitehead: Laney: Our daughter loves it.
She loves doing it with him.
Tony Hale: It's just this little,
this little piece right here.
Erin Whitehead: Yeah.
Tony Hale: Thank you. Sorry.
Sorry about this.
Erin Whitehead: Laney: I support chad 100%
with this Avengers thing.
Erin Whitehead: Um, it's not my cup of tea.
Erin Whitehead: I actually do these Nancy
Meyers' movies reenactment.
Erin Whitehead: I'm doing The
Intern right now.
Ryan Perez: Hi, Jules. I'm Ben,
your new intern.
Erin Whitehead: I'm glad you also
see the humor in this.
Ryan Perez: It would be hard not to.
Erin Whitehead: Laney: I'm partial to
Something's Got to Give.
Erin Whitehead: I'd love to have
Diane Keaton's problems.
Erin Whitehead: She doesn't have any.
Tony Hale: This isn't really about that.
Erin Whitehead: Oh.
♪ [music] ♪
M. Emmet Walsh: Tom: You know, everybody likes pools.
I mean, if you don't like swimming pools,
M. Emmet Walsh: you've got no
business in my store.
M. Emmet Walsh: Tom: Chad and Angus
are a great team, but it's been tough
M. Emmet Walsh: to watch them butt
heads over the past year.
Tony Hale: Chad: I've had this discussion
with you forever and ever.
Tony Hale: What's this? This is for sand.
This is for beach.
Tony Hale: What are these for?
This is for the pool.
Tony Hale: This is a different section.
Angus Gentry: Why is it just
one thing?
Tony Hale: Chad: Because people want to go,
"I want pool stuff," so they go here.
Tony Hale: They want beach stuff,
they go there.
Angus Gentry: Angus: When my family goes to
the beach when can bring anything.
Angus: When we're at the pool--
Chad: Okay, do you think you this is
taken to the beach?
Angus Gentry: Angus: Yes.
Tony Hale: Chad: This is going to be
washed in the ocean.
Angus Gentry: Angus: No it would not.
Not if a kid is holding it.
Tony Hale: What do you call
this piece of shit?
Tony Hale: How many times...do you think
that's blown up or something--
Angus Gentry: Fuck you!
Angus Gentry: Angus: Okay! Okay!
Chad! Chad! Chad! Time!
M. Emmet Walsh: I want them to get along.
I really do, but I also admire
M. Emmet Walsh: Chad's respect for
pool regulations.
M. Emmet Walsh: It's important to
follow the rules.
Angus Gentry: The Avengers have a General
Ross. We got a General Manager.
M. Emmet Walsh: I-I don't know
who that is.
Tony Hale: So, this took a lot of work, and
I can only afford one arm right now,
Tony Hale: because my daughter needs
school supplies, but the goal
Tony Hale: is to have a whole
suit of this, and--
[parts clang against the floor]
Angus Gentry: Angus: Oh, what are these doing
over here. These are for the beach.
Angus Gentry: These aren't for the pools.
Angus Gentry: Oh yeah Chad. Well, you've
got a real stick up your ass.
Angus Gentry: Angus: One arm goes up,
and one arm hits the ground.
Tony Hale: Chad: Well, that's what I've been--
Stop dude!
Angus Gentry: Well, I just care
about the rules.
Angus Gentry: Yeah, that's your problem.
You don't have any fun,
Angus Gentry: you fucking dick.
Tony Hale: What's your problem?
Angus Gentry: Just put your hand down--
Tony Hale: Get off dude!
Angus Gentry: What the fuck is
your problem?
Tony Hale: What the fuck is my problem?
You can't tell me what to do.
Angus Gentry: Chad, you're doing
it wrong.
Tony Hale: I'm not doing it wrong.
Why are you watching me?
Tony Hale: Why don't you focus
on your own shit?
Angus Gentry: Because I know that
I'm doing it 100% perfectly.
Chad: Oh really?
Angus: Yes.
Tony Hale: Are you watching playback?
Allan McLeod: Everything okay here?
Angus Gentry: Okay. Cross Bones. This is
the airport battle. What are you doing here?
Tony Hale: You're in the wrong place.
That's the wrong story.
Allan McLeod: Are you serious man?
I just drove out from--
Tony Hale: Get out!
Tony Hale: Get out!
Jennie Pierson: Jenni: Yeah, there's been some
tension out on the battlefield lately.
Jennie Pierson: I think they're taking it
a little to seriously.
Jennie Pierson: I'm a mom and I don't
like what I see.
♪ [music] ♪
♪ [music continues] ♪
♪ [music fades out] ♪
[light applause heard]
Angus Gentry: Angus: I guess the beef between
Chad and I really came about, because
Angus Gentry: we both have
very firm beliefs--
Tony Hale: That's true.
Angus Gentry: --not unlike the beef
between Cap and Tony.
Angus Gentry: Angus: I guess what I've
learned is that it's not about
Angus Gentry: choosing a side, but more
about understanding each side.
Tony Hale: Chad: Yeah, and that
understanding, it doesn't happen
Tony Hale: on a screen. It's a
live experience--
Angus Gentry: Angus: You've gotta feel it.
Tony Hale: --yeah, and you'e gotta feel it.
Tony Hale: And when you see us reenact
it, you can see on people's
Tony Hale: faces they have that
understanding immediately.
Angus Gentry: Look, does it come at a cost?
Yes, of course.
Tony Hale: Chad: Battles leave wounds.
They leave scars, but scars can
Tony Hale: be beautiful, and it shows how
strong you are when you come out
Tony Hale: on the other side.
Tony Hale: I mean, I'm paraphrasing Tony of course,
but...actually, maybe that's Demi Lovato.
Tony Hale: Yeah, that's a Demi Lovato quote.
Angus Gentry: She's a sage.
Tony Hale: Yeah, I love her.
♪ [music] ♪
♪ [music fades out] ♪
Erin Whitehead: Laney: Don't feel like you have to dress up.
Ryan Perez: I'm very comfortable in a suit.
Erin Whitehead: Old school.
♪ [music] ♪