Sometimes even The Situation, can't face The Situation.

Full Credits

Directed by Brett Gursky
Written by DJ Lubel
Produced by Jake Avnet
The Situation ... Michael Sorrentino
Snooki ... Nicole Polizzi
Pauly D ... Pauly DelVecchio
Editor ... Tom Costantino
1st Assistant Director ... Bob McKeon
Director of Photography ... Kieran Murphy
B Camera Operator ... Gary Chan
Sound ... Jesse Ing


The video opens with The Situation, played by Michael Sorrentino, and
Snooki, played by Nicole Polizzi, from Jersey Shore, hanging out.

Nicole Polizzi: Yo, that club was hot last night. Did you see that
juicehead grinding up on me?

Michael Sorrentino: Snooks, that was The Situation, girl.

Nicole Polizzi: That was you?

Michael Sorrentino: Hell yeah, baby girl. You don't recognize a
situation when you see it?

Nicole Polizzi: Oh shit.

Michael Sorrentino: Let's get this, break it down. Let's break it down.

Michael Sorrentino and Nicole Polizzi start dancing to club music. The
shot cuts to Pauly D, played by Paul DelVecchio, walking in carrying a

Nicole Polizzi: Pauly D in the house!

Michael Sorrentino: Oh, my man, baby boy what's up?

Paul DelVecchio: Yo, yo, what's up? You two vibing right now?

Michael Sorrentino: You know, when people see a situation, they stop and
say, “Damn, that's a situation.” Holler at The Situation, that's a
motherfucking situation. You love The Situation. Situationally
speaking...situationally speaking.

Michael Sorrentino looks confused and shakes his head. Nicole Polizzi
and Paul DelVecchio stop dancing and look at Michael Sorrentino.

Michael Sorrentino: I cannot bear this any longer.

Nicole Polizzi reaches out and picks up a Jersey Shore script off a

Nicole Polizzi Michael, I don't see that in the script.

Michael Sorrentino: My sincerest apologies, Nicole, for interrupting
your rehearsal just now.

Paul DelVecchio (in an ethnic accent): Michael.

Michael Sorrentino: Paulson.

Paul DelVecchio: Tomorrow we're going to be in Jersey, we need to know
our lines for the next episode.

Michael Sorrentino: I just hear the words coming out of my mouth, but no
longer believe in The Situation.

Nicole Polizza throws the script onto the floor.

Nicole Polizza: Michael, that is rubbish. You were truly, truly sublime.

Paul DelVecchio: Yes, Michael, you're making wonderful and courageous

Michael Sorrentino: I fear my character, The Situation, is like a lone,
orphan boy lost in a meadow and I know not how to guide him home.

Michael Sorrentino settles into a chair, holding a cane.

Micheal Sorrentino: Every time I lift my shirt, a little piece of me

Nicole Polizza: A man punched me in the face.

The door to the room opens and DJ Lubel comes in dressed as a hotel
employee and pushing a dinner cart.

DJ Lubel: Room Service.

Michael Sorrentino, Paul DelVecchio and Nicole Polizza jump back into
character. Messing with their hair and acting vain.

DJ Lubel: Oh man, you're The Situation, right?

Michael Sorrentino looks over to Paul DelVecchio and Nicole Polizza.
They give him sympathetic looks. Michael Sorrentino lifts his shirt and
stifles back tears.

DJ Lubel: You're an inspiration, The Situation.

DJ Lubel lifts his shirt to reveal a hairy, undefined stomach. Michael
Sorrentino exchanges a look with Paul DelVecchio.

Michael Sorrentino: That is a situation.

DJ Lubel backs away and trips over the dinner cart before hurrying out
of the room. Michael Sorrentino sits back down in the chair, looking

Nicole Polizza: Do you see, Michael? Audiences have welcomed us into
their homes with open arms. Now it's our responsibility to give back by
continuing to provide entertainment during these trying, trying times.

Paul DelVecchio: Every time you lift your shirt, you're lifting
America's spirit.

Michael Sorrentino (nodding affirmatively): Pauly D, drop a beat.

Paul DelVecchio: DJ Pauly D in the mix.

Paul DelVecchio turns the music back on from his laptop.

Michael Sorrentino gets out of the chair and begins dancing.

Michael Sorrentino: Oh the one hop, son.

Nicole Polizza: Hey, what up, bitch!

The shot cuts to credits that read:

Directed by Brett Gursky

Written by DJ Lubel

Produced by Jake Aznet


The Situation ... Michael Sorrentino

Snooki ... Nicole Polizza

Pauly D … Paul DelVecchio

Bellhop … DJ Lubel

Editor … Tom Constantino

st Assistant Director … Bob McKeon

Director of Photography … Kieran Murphy

B Camera Operator … Gary Chan

Sound … Jesse Ing

Music Provided

Courtesy of MTV DJ Pauly D

Wardrobe Shoud've Been

Provided by Jenna & Molly

Video cuts to black.