Joe Jonas singing to your girlfriend is probably the best Valentine's Day gift... more »

Full Credits

Starring: Joe Jonas
Also Featuring: Anthony Gioe & Marisa Pinson
With: Renie Rivas, Roger Barr, Jen Kreuger, Brandon Econ & Jared Rosenberg
Written and Directed by Alex Fernie
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Produced by Anna Wenger
DP: Ricky Fosheim
1st AC: Alan Gwizdowski
Gaffer: Kevin Stewart
Electric: Jordan Downey
Grip: Tom Pena
Grip Truck: Ben Burke
Production Assistant/ Camera Equipment: Max Elfeldt
Sound: Ryan Kaiser
Hair/ Make-up: Carla Farra
Production Designer: Martin Vallejo
Editor: Ryan Ovadia

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Male Voice:
(whispers) Exclusive.
Anthony Gioe: Happy Valentines day honey.
Marisa Pinson: Happy Valentines day.
Anthony Gioe: I just want you to know how
much you mean to me, and
Anthony Gioe: I've arranged for
something special.
Marisa Pinson: Oh my God. Joe Jonas.
Are you kidding me?
Joe Jonas: You must be Emily?
Marisa Pinson: Yes.
Anthony Gioe: Well, Dave here arranged
a little song for you.
Marisa Pinson: (softly) Oh my God.
Joe Jonas: Hit it Leo.
Joe Jonas: ♪ You are so beautiful ♪
Joe Jonas: ♪ To Dave ♪
Joe Jonas: ♪ You are so beautiful ♪
Joe Jonas: ♪ To Dave ♪
Anthony Gioe: Emily,
Anthony Gioe: will you
marry me?
Marisa Pinson: Oh.
Marisa Pinson: Oh.
Marisa Pinson: Dave.
No. No. No. No.
Marisa Pinson: I don't love you.
[music stops]
Marisa Pinson: (sighs)
Joe Jonas: I think I maybe...
I should just go.
[he whines]
Joe Jonas: Just remembered that I
have muay thai class.
Joe Jonas: Crazy right?
I'm going to go.
Anthony Gioe: No. No. Stay.
Anthony Gioe: She'll reconsider.
Marisa Pinson: (softly) Oh my God.
Marisa Pinson: So handsome.
Marisa Pinson: How do you do that?
[he whines more]
Marisa Pinson: Typical. You're a grown
man Dave. You want me to
Marisa Pinson: marry someone who's
crying all the time?
Marisa Pinson: You're embarrassing me in
front of this whole restaurant.
Anthony Gioe: You know what?
Fuck you.
Anthony Gioe: Suddenly you're
better than me?
Joe Jonas: Whoa. Dude. You don't
need to get crazy.
Marisa Pinson: Oh, so you get a Joe
Jonas in here, and I'm
Marisa Pinson: supposed to
marry you?
Joe Jonas: You know what? I'm just
going to let you guys
Joe Jonas: figure this one
out, okay.
Marisa Pinson: Shut it Jonas!
Anthony Gioe: Hey, you leave
Joe Jonas alone.
Anthony Gioe: You know what, God,
you're such a bitch.
Anthony Gioe: Isn't she a
bitch Joe?
Marisa Pinson: Am I Joe?
Am I a bitch?
Joe Jonas: I don't think I'm qualified
to answer that question.
Marisa Pinson: You're terrible
in bed.
Marisa Pinson: Hear that everybody?
Dave's terrible in bed.
Marisa Pinson: He's the
Marisa Pinson: It's like fucking
a salamander.
Anthony Gioe: Well, I cheated
on you,
Anthony Gioe: with your
[she gasps]
Joe Jonas: What?
Anthony Gioe: Whoa!
Anthony Gioe: Not cool!
Marisa Pinson: I'm leaving,
Marisa Pinson: because of you
Joe Jonas!
Anthony Gioe: Thanks a lot. Now she's
never going to marry me.
Joe Jonas: What?
Anthony Gioe: This is all
your fault.
Joe Jonas: Are you
kidding me?
Anthony Gioe: You know everyone?
Everyone listen up.
Anthony Gioe: Everyone
listen up.
Joe Jonas: No. Don't
listen up.
Anthony Gioe: Yes. Please
listen up.
Anthony Gioe: I have an
Anthony Gioe: Joe Jonas ruined
my life.
Joe Jonas: Not true.
Anthony Gioe: Yes, true. Joe Jonas
doesn't care about anyone's
Anthony Gioe: happiness, and he just
throws water at people--
Joe Jonas: Pull yourself
Anthony Gioe: Sorry.
Joe Jonas: You know what? Why don't
we go to a couple of bars.
Joe Jonas: I'll introduce you to
some girls I know.
Joe Jonas: Hey, you might even get
lucky, and you'll forget
Joe Jonas: all about her.
Anthony Gioe: Yeah.
Anthony Gioe: Yes. That
sounds great.
Anthony Gioe: Thank you.
I-I owe you.
Joe Jonas: What if I sing
you another song?
Anthony Gioe: Not really a fan.
Joe Jonas: Okay.