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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Dule Hill, Joshua Malina, William Duffy, & Melissa Fitzgerald
White House Staffers: Carla Ward, Derek Coleman, Michael James Nelson, Kojo Asiedu, John Mawson, Marisa Devonish, Doug Bass, Kyle Ingleman & Lenore Foster
Written & Directed by Lauren Palmigiano
Produced by Christin Trogan & Melissa Fitzgerald
Director of Photography: Luca Del Puppo
Edited by Brett Bachman
Executive Producers: Mike Farah, Brian Gerber & Thomas Rigler
Production Coordinator/First AD: Greg Kindra
2nd AD: Tyler Stratton
2nd 2nd AD: Evan Robichaud
Steadicam Operator: Scott Dropkin
First AC: Matthew Nauser
DIT: Andrew Wilsak
Gaffer: Nilo Zimmerman
Key Grip: Aleks Abad
Grip: Joey Kennedy
Best Boy Electric: Eric Tolzmann
Sound Mixer & Boom Operator: BoTown Sound
Production Designer: Caity Birmingham
Art Assistant: Vanessa Lin
Key Makeup/Hair: Sara Irving
Makeup/Hair Assistant: Carla Farra
Makeup for Ms. Janney: Miriam Vukich
Makeup for Ms. Fitzgerald: Corina Kramer
Costume Designer: Megan Klimkos
Still Photographer: Alex Schepsman
Production Assistants: Dave Cain & Ross Buran
Special Thanks: Carter Cohn, Iliana Reiss, Katrina Hickman
Extra Special Thanks: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation of Simi Valley, CA

Allison Janney: So, I told the President, you have got to do something about gas prices.

Joshua Malina: Everyone knows the President has no control over gas prices.

Melissa Fitzgerald: Uh, not everyone knows that.

Allison Janney: Duffy, do you have the new initiative?

Joshua Malina: New? What initiative?

Melissa Fitzgerald: Initiative? Sounds important.

William Duffy: It is important.

Joshua Malina: So tell us what it is.

Dule Hill: Did somebody say initiative?

Joshua Malina: Actually, a bunch of us said initiative.

Allison Janney: I definitely said initiative.

William Duffy: This initiative cuts the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Allison Janney: It says it does the same for breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer.

Dule Hill: It prevents depression, too.

Melissa Fitzgerald: And it only takes thirty minutes a day?

Dule Hill: [??] won't like this.

Joshua Malina: What do they have to do?

Dule Hill: Nothing. I just thought someone should say that.

Allison Janney: We need to talk to the President.

William Duffy: I was heading there.

Allison Janney: That's where I'm headed.

Melissa Fitzgerald: I'm right behind ya. Headed there as well.

Joshua Malina: Me too. Coming!

Dule Hill: I had another walk and talk to go to, but I think I'll stay with this one.

Joshua Malina: Did you guys see this can lower risk of heart disease?

Allison Janney: Well of course we did! It's our initiative!

William Duffy: Actually, it's my initiative.

Allison Janney: Yours, mine, what's the difference? [Smack]

William Duffy: Ow.

Allison Janney: Mister President? Mister President. [Thump]

Martin Sheen: Missus Nightingham! Somebody's in the house!

William Duffy: She's dead, sir.

Martin Sheen: Right.

Allison Janney: Mister President, I want you to look at an initiative.

Martin Sheen: I'm a very busy man.

Dule Hill: Sir, we need your help. We need to convince the American people to do something that's good for them.

Martin Sheen: Oh, that's impossible.

Allison Janney: Please, sir. Just have a look.

Martin Sheen: Oh my.

Melissa Fitzgerald: What's wrong? It's not too dangerous is it?

Martin Sheen: Not at all.

Allison Janney: Is it too expensive?

Martin Sheen: Actually, it's free.

Joshua Malina: Does it involve wearing leather gloves and tight pink spandex?

Martin Sheen: I suppose it could, but no.

Dule Hill: The problem is, that it's too simple.

William Duffy: Yes. It's very simple. It's walking.

Joshua Malina: I may be late to the game here, but what is walking?

Allison Janney: You know. Walking. We do it all the time?

Joshua Malina: [Gasp] Am I doing it now?

Allison Janney: Sort of.

Martin Sheen: Look at this, friends. Just one half hour a day, or two fifteen minute walks are beneficial.

Dule Hill: What about three ten minute walks?

Martin Sheen: That'll do it!

Allison Janney: Or ten three minute walks.

Martin Sheen: That adds up to thirty minutes.

Joshua Malina: This will never sell.

Martin Sheen: You're right. We need an idea.

Joshua Malina: What about a show about walking and talking?

All Cast Members: NO!

Martin Sheen: Friends, in the time of Socrates...

Allison Janney: Oh Lord.

Martin Sheen: Philosopher kings would walk round and round the Parthenon to stimulate discourse. Walking increases circulation, generates positive neuro-chemicals in the brain, and this, above all, to thine own self be true.

William Duffy: And more importantly.

Martin Sheen: And more importantly, walking is where I get all of my best ideas. Thank you, Charlie. Come, friends! We're going for a walk!

[Music Playing]


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