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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written & Directed by Todd Waldman
Nick Massouh - Greg
Rob Kerkovich - Rob
Will Greenberg - Will
Alem Sapp - Alem
Noah Weinstein - Noah
Todd Waldman – Jeremy
Beck Bennett - Friend
Paul Bradley – Friend
Ian Gotler – Friend
Dylan Kenin - Friend
Nick Mundy - Friend
Nick Rutherford – Friend
Director of Photography
Jason Wawro
Camera Operator
Marcus Del Negro
Script Supervisor
Ashley Deaton
Production Coordinator
Todd G. Levin
Production Sound Mixer
Matthew McGowin
Audio Post Production
Justin Mayer
Color Grading and Finishing
Chris Mines
Produced by
Rob Kerkovich
Produced by
Todd Waldman
Produced by
Justin Seidner
Special Thanks
Kirstin Eggers
Sara Nixon-Kirschner
Crossfit 323
Cullen Fisher
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Published: November 18, 2011