Nina Dobrev and Nick Braun's summer jam gets you all lathered up with some lotion music.

Full Credits

Starring - Nina Dobrev & Nicholas Braun
"Man" - Scott Baumgartner
Song By - Nina Dobrev, Nicholas Braun, Erica Lancaster, Bashir Salahuddin & Diallo Riddle
Music By - Jules Kilpatrick
Directed By - Erica Lancaster
Edited By - Pat Bishop
Special Effects By - Joe Dietsch
DP - Mike Manasewitsch
Producer - Alex Richanbach
Producer - Erica Lancaster
Wardrobe - Natasha Kutrovacz
Production Design - Ellie Del Campo, Samantha Corona
Gaffer - Nathan Cornett
DIT - Dan Murrell
Camera Operator - Zach Zdziebko, Tony Lopez-Cepero
First AD - Ross Buran
PA - Becca Scheuer
Background - Hanna Dickinson, Lani Nishiyama, Pisha Warden, Katrina Sawhney

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Girl One: [Giggles] What is this?
Girl Two: Lotion music.
Girl One: I like this lotion music.
Girl One Girl Two: Suede!
[Music Playing]
Nina Dobrev: Nina Dobrev!
Nick Braun: Nick Braun! Not Nina Braun!
Nina Dobrev: Or Nick Dobrev. Swagged out in the hot hot summer sun.
Nick Braun: [Slow Motion] This track feels like a hot hot [Mumbling]
[Music Playing]
Nick Braun: Oh! No! Summer joint here we go!
Nina Dobrev: What. What. What?!
Nick Braun: Rubbing lotion into your skin real deep.
Nina Dobrev: Boy, it's hot! Ninety-five degrees.
Nick Braun: Steamy!
Nina Dobrev: I think I'm staying home today. What?! Bi**h please! See, I got the notion to head up to the ocean. Stop! Forgot my suntan lotion.
Nick Braun: Summer summer summer always gets me very nervous.
Nina Dobrev: Yikes.
Nick Braun: 'Cause the largest organ on my body is my epidermis.
Nina Dobrev: Skin.
Nick Braun: I'm putting so...
Nina Dobrev: Skin.
Nick Braun: Much lotion up, just tell me to stop it. Hello Banana Boat, no Hawaiian Tropics!
Nina Dobrev Nick Braun: All I need. All I need. All I need is my S. P. F.
Nick Braun: Like Fresh Prince needed Jazzy Jeff. What?!
Nick Braun Nina Dobrev: All I need is my S. P. F.!
Nina Dobrev: Call me a chicken but I hate a roastin'. Yeah, I'm tan but I'm easily toastin'. I'm tan because I'm Bulgarian.
Nick Braun: Oh!
Nina Dobrev: [Speaking Bulgarian] Don't mistake it for Hungarian!
Nick Braun: I keep tanning.
Nina Dobrev: Tanning.
Nick Braun: I keep fanning.
Nina Dobrev: Fanning.
Nick Braun: I can't stop it put your toes in the sand, and let me hold your hand, and while we lathered up in this lotion let's get real romantic, man. I mean, girl.
Nina Dobrev: What?!
Nina Dobrev Nick Braun: All I need. All I need. All I need is my S. P. F.!
Nina Dobrev: Like Will Smith in the wild wild West.
Nick Braun: What?
Nina Dobrev Nick Braun: All I need is my S. P. F.!
Nick Braun: Plyin', plyin', plyin', plyin', plyin', plyin', plyin'. By the 'plyer 'plyer 'plyer 'plyer 'plyer 'plyer.
Nick Braun: Explosion! What?!
Nina Dobrev: The sun is like a drought. I love my complexion so I gotta use protection! I'm not talking about Trojan, it's not a secret potion. [Slow Motion] I just need my lotion.
Nina Dobrev: All I need. All I need.
Nina Dobrev: Gimme some!
Nina Dobrev: All I need.
Nina Dobrev: I want some!
Nina Dobrev: is my S. P. F.!
Nina Dobrev: Hancock!
Nick Braun: And Pursuit of Happyness!
Nina Dobrev Nick Braun: All I need is my S. P. F.!
[Music Playing]
Nick Braun: What. What.
[Music Playing]
Nick Braun: It puts the lotion on it's skin.
Nina Dobrev: I love you, Will.
Nick Braun: Ugh!