Anthem against heightism.

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August 12, 2009


Yes I am tall
Tall as you're small
Thank you for noticing
You're so fucking perceptive
For a short person
And that's surprising
Given your limited view

Play basketball?
No, I don't at all
I wonder if you might be a jockey
Or perhaps a children's clothing model
Did I go too far?
Was that heightist of me, do you see the irony?

Oh fuck you short people
Fuck you short people
Drive your Smart cars off a cliff
See if I give a shit, short people
Cute, dainty, tiny people
Enjoy your low ceilings too
Everything is made for you

I'll take the back seat
No I don't mind
I always wondered what my knees tasted like
Thanks for the opportunity
How's the front seat
With your dangling feet

You buy clothes off the rack
You fly economy class
Well I can buy capri pants
And short sleeve shirts
Off the rack too
Just like you
We're not so different after all, short and tall

But fuck you short people
Fuck you short people
Reproduce among yourselves
And breed environmentally friendlier children
Who eat less food
Tall people still won't like you
Oh fuck you short people
Cute, dainty, tiny people
You're hurting my back talking to me
You're making me slouch
Just leave me be, short people
Short people
Short people