Indiana's new religious freedom law makes for some pretty uncomfortable home shopping.

Full Credits

Actor: James Van Der Beek & Anna Camp
Writer: Bryan Safi
Director: Andy Bush
EP/Concept by: Ben Sheehan
Producer: Becca Scheuer
Editor: Brad Schulz
DP: Matt Sweeney
Cam Op: Michael Lincoln
Cam Op: Matt Diamond
Gaffer: Daniella Nowitz
Key Grip: Stephen St. Peter
Swing: Artur Gubin
Production Design: Tricia Robertson
Construction Coordinator: Chris Athas
Set Decorator: Wes Eastin
Set Decorator: Rick Mader
Sound: Leo Nasca
Hair/MU: Emily Rae Blackmun
PA: Ross Buran
Graphics: Shawn James

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Anna Camp: We do have a set of
absolutely gorgeous dishes here straight
Anna Camp: from the most trusted name
in dishware, La Boulange.
James Van Der Beek: Love them, and I'm telling
you get on
James Van Der Beek: it people because these
saucers are flying.
James Van Der Beek: Oh look we have a caller, Don calling
in from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hi Don!
Anna Camp: Hi Don.
Don: Hey I love these dishes,
and this new line is exactly
Don: what we need for our newly
landscaped garden.
James Van Der Beek: Who's we?
Don: Sorry?
Anna Camp: Uh, you said we, who is we?
Don: Oh, my lover Patrick and I.
Anna Camp: Oooh,
dial tone is heard
James Van Der Beek: See, here in Indiana we have
a religious freedom law which
James Van Der Beek: means that we don't have to serve anyone
who threatens our religion.
Anna Camp: I mean can you imagine a world in which a
gay couple asks you to make a cake
Anna Camp: and you actually have to
sit down and make it?
James Van Der Beek: I mean what's next? I'll suddenly leave
my wife Cindy and go shack up
James Van Der Beek: with Don in a post modern house
in Palm Springs? I mean...
Anna Camp: You're so funny.
Anna Camp: We got another caller calling.
This is Henrietta from Bloomington. Hi.
Henrietta: Hi, I wanted to get these for my husband.
James Van Der Beek: Ah, love that.
What's his name?
Henrietta: Lisa.
Anna Camp: Um, sorry,
excuse me what?
Henrietta: I mean uh, Lis...
(dial tone is heard)
Anna Camp: Okay, oh my God, you know, all these
liberals. Are we in Utah or something.
Anna Camp: Lets get ready for some fun, come on.
James Van Der Beek: Alright, you asked for fun. I'm bringing
in the noise - bringing in the fun.
Anna Camp: Ooh, Broadway reference.
Ok, here we go.
Anna Camp: These glasses are funky. I'm funky
ok. I listen to Meghan Trainor.
James Van Der Beek: Love her.
Anna Camp: Ok, we have a caller calling in. This is Sharla
calling from Lafayette. Hi Sharla.
Sharla: Hi, I love these glasses.
James Van Der Beek: Ah, the better to see
you with my dear.
Anna Camp: Take it easy she giggles. Okay, she's taken, am
I right Sharla, you're taken?
Sharla: Sorry?
Anna Camp: Your husband.
Sharla: What about him?
Anna Camp: Good, that's great Sharla you know what,
just for being so respectful,
Anna Camp: we're going to give you free shipping,
tracking, and you know what,
Anna Camp: I'll just throw in an extra set.
James Van Der Beek: Wow, I mean, talk
about a deal.
Anna Camp: Bless you Sharla.
James Van Der Beek: God bless you Sharla. We have another
caller, Al. Al is calling in. Hi Al.
Al: Hi, I'm calling about that football phone from earlier.
James Van Der Beek: Ah, that's right - score
some runs right?
James Van Der Beek: Who's it for?
Al: My boyfriend, I mean girlfriend.
James Van Der Beek: Well which is it Al?
Al: Girlfriend, girlfriend...I recently went to a gay conversion camp
Al: so I'm straight now.
James Van Der Beek: Oh, ok.
James Van Der Beek: Well good on you Al. Those work...I mean they
really, really work. They do.
James Van Der Beek: Anywho, we are moving on to the
piece de resistance.
Anna Camp: It is time for this stunning time
piece bought to you by Trends.
Anna Camp: It's such a classic.
James Van Der Beek: It does, it takes you back. It takes you
back to the days of the drive in
James Van Der Beek: movie theater, and main street, and the
old classic soda fountains with
James Van Der Beek: the sign up above it that
says whites only.
Anna Camp: Happy days are here
again. Am I right,
Anna Camp: or am I right?
James Van Der Beek: You are right.
Anna Camp: Oh, it looks like we have time for one more caller.
caller: Hi, this is Theodore.
Anna Camp: We can just go by Ted.
(Funny or Die ending jingle)