Rorschach meets his maker -- Alan Moore!

Full Credits

Directed, Shot, & Edited by Rodney Ascher
Written by James Adomian
Starring James Adomian (Alan Moore) & Jefferson Dutton (Rorschach)
Produced by James Adomian & Rodney Ascher
Cast (in order of appearance)
Rorschach: Jefferson Dutton
Zack Snyder: Scott Rodgers
Executives: Daniel Adomian, Stephen T Brophy, and Bill Chott
Blu-Ray Victims: Aaron Alberstein, BJ Averell, Toby Bryan, Dave Chiaccio, Kayla Monji, Azure Parsons, Phil Van Hest
Television Personalities: Aaron Alberstein, Alex Baker, Jefferson Dutton, Ryan Perez
Nikki Finke: Megan Reeves
Glycon Snake FX by Iron Claw: Sean Koriakin and Greg Talmadge
Los Angeles Crew; Andrew Hoagland and Eric Nordhauser
Special Thanks to Jessica Susnar and the Fine Arts Building
Heather Anne Campbell
Mike Farah
Shot on location at the Fine Arts Building, The Midnight Manor, Highland Park Classics Studios, and in Hollywood USA

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