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Full Credits

Produced by Elaine Chu and Alexis Green
Written by Elaine Chu, Alexis Green, and Maikiko James
Directed by Elaine Chu
Director of Photography: Nacia Schreiner
Assistant Director: Jeremy Cordy
Editor: Elaine Chu
Sound Recorder: Brian Sounalath
Graphic Art: Alexis Green, Jaskaran Bains
Stylist for Alexis: Ashley Young
Elaine Chu
Jeremy Cordy
Alexis Green
Maikiko James
Eric Kelly
Brian Sounalath
Special thanks to Concord Space
Original artwork by Alice Wang and Ben Tong "Entre Chien et Loup"
Curated by Arjuna Neuman
Music by Kevin Macleod
Additional thanks to Morgan Christensen and Jeff Wolverton for the use of their film equipment. And thanks to Robyn Norris, Angela Raskin, and Courtney Barnett for sharing their voice over talent.