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Full Credits

Written & Directed by Sam Sero
Starring Chris Langan & John Shirley Miller
Produced by Poopdog Entertainment
Also Starring:
Mitch Lerner as Chester
Jamie Lee & Missy Boyd as the Tea Party Girls
Chris Z! as Tea Party Speaker
Tea Partiers: Zack Beseda, Marc Dorris, Shawn Becker, Calum Macdonald, Jayson Conroy, Denis Klein, Ron Schultz, Chapin Tierney, Marchien
Corey Blake, Michael DiSciullo & Ryan Morgan as Secret Service Guys
Executive Producer Sam Sero
Supervising Producer & Researcher Teddy Tutson
Cinematography by Zach Voytas
Edited by Ben Roche & Jarryd Meyer
Music by Jeff Says No
Location Provided by Calum Macdonald & Amir Kalil