Parody music video for Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend"

Full Credits

Written by and Starring Billy A. Patterson (@billyapatterson) & Jeremiah Watkins (@jeremiahstandup)
Also starring Maja Miletich
Camera Op: Jeff Amaral
[Verse 1]
Lookin’ at your Facebook, I know all about you
Gonna make you my wife in three two
I need to be super close to you.
Don’t ignore my calls, I need to talk to you.
I’m going to be your boyfriend, you’re not allowed to go
Keep you to myself girl, won’t let you be alone
We’ll be a movie couple, like the one in Black Snake Moan.
I’m going to be your boyfriend, I'll never let you go, I'll never let you go
[Verse 2]
I tell you that I like you, don’t tell me that you don’t
You could be my Buzz Lightyear, My Woody needs a stroke
I’m never gonna fight you, unless you’re into that
You’ll be mine forever, unless you get real fat.
I need one wiff of your sexy hair
Don’t run away, GET OVER HERE
I’m going to be your boyfriend, this is happening
You will be my wife girl, I-
Girl- “Guys, guys, stop, stop. I already have a boyfriend.”
Guys- “We know.”
Girl- “What?”
I just killed your boyfriend, it was time for him to go
You can thank me later, no one has to know.
I did all this for you girl, isn’t this what you want
I’m going to be your boyfriend, I'll never let you go, never let you go.