Funny Or Die News' Mike Scollins travels to the Pemberton Music Festival in British Columbia to answer some of the questions that the world's best musicians are sick of getting asked. more »

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Staring - Run the Jewels, CHVRCHES, Earl Sweatshirt, Jack Antonoff, Matt & Kim, Kevin Drew, Reggie Watts, A$AP Ferg, Courtney Barnett. Real Estate, Portugal. The Man, Gorburger, Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Mike Scollins
Written by Mike Scollins and Matt Mayer
Directed by Matt Mayer
Director of Photography - Matt Mayer
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Mike Scollins: Hey it's Mike for Funny or Die news, and I'm near British Columbia Canada
for the Pemberton Music Festival answering all the questions that this year's performers
are sick of answering themselves.
[Electro-Pop Music]
Alright, I'm here with Run the Jewels. What's one question that you guys are sick
of answering that I can answer for you?

> Who's hotter Caitlyn Jenner or Kylie Jenner?

> Well I'm going to have to go with Caitlyn since Kylie is 17.

> Is it true that you write songs about urine and hope?

> It's half true. I don't have much hope, just a lot of urine.

> What was the craziest present you ever got from a fan?

> It was this amazing fan letter from my friend Robert Durst. He did spell Beverly wrong
but it eventually made it's way to me.

> Probably things about Alaska. We get
asked that quite a bit - Sarah Palin references for sure.

> Palin references? Have you guys not been interviewed since 2008?
Yo, that's on them, not on you guys.

> So you're a left handed guitar player. Does that mean you need special equipment?

> Like a wheelchair? No.

> Are you guys hot in those suits?

> I thank you for calling this a suit. It was actually $5.99 at the Gap, but the
answer is still yes, yes, yes.
It's like even for me I'm tired of answering all these
questions, and I've only been doing it for 3 or 4 days now.
If I'm going to be asked questions that a star gets asked, I kind of feel like I should
be treated like a star a little bit.

> Tell us your craziest story from the road.

> I guess it would be to drive up to Vancouver - we went 12 miles before
realizing no one was at the wheel.

> Do you ever play music that's not original?

> Yeah, I don't play music or tell jokes that aren't original. Every thing's stolen.

> What's your favorite town to play in?

> Favorite town to play in...
It's the town of this one. I have no idea where we are right now. I've been doing
festival circuits for a while...

> What do you listen to?

> What do I listen to...
Not my mom, right guys?
Who do I have to talk to to get one of these?
Because I'm going to ask...
I'd like one for myself but I really wouldn't even mind that much if I had to share with somebody.

> What are your thoughts on just like the punk attitude that you just decided to take?

> I try to incorporate the punk attitude into my daily life. For example, I go to Starbucks,
I get my name that's not mine, and I just leave with the coffee.
Then I probably could just get in this one with whosever it is, you know, because
I've made friends since I've been here.
They said no.

> Are you friends with ASAP Rocky since you're ASAP?

> Oh hell no. That dude would never talk to me. He's way to cool.
Gorburger, what's one question you are sick of answering that I can answer for you?

> These are my questions now. The Gorburger questions. (Laughs)
How does your genitalia work?

> Mine, poorly, but mostly we're looking for like
who's your greatest inspiration...

> Who's your greatest inspiration?

> Jesus Christ.

> You can say Usher, and if you don't say Usher, then I don't
know what will happen.

> It's Usher. It's Usher. A thousand times, it's Usher.
I can't handle these questions anymore. I'm taking a golf cart, and I'm going home. I'm
not waiting for the van. You can wait for the van. I'm not waiting for the van.
It's locked.
Hello, all these carts are locked.
Can you please just shut that off?

> Mike, you're working.

> No I'm not working. I'm fucking done working. I've been working.

> I'm taking this back to New York. I don't know what you want me to do.

> Um, Mike quit.
What a diva.
So this is Matt, cameraman for Funny or Die News signing off.
(Mike): Figure it out fuck face!

> It's unbelievable.
[Electronic Music]

> This is my grandfather. What's your name?

> Tony Clifton.

> Yeah, Tony Clifton is my grand-pop.

> He has no idea who I am.

> No.