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Full Credits (buy her calender. She has 1, 500 copies. She is Amazing and Respected All Over America)
Jesse The Tiger Man (Some random people might know Jesse. He's my protege', he's more like me than anyone I ever met, and he's a talented editor. He'll take over if I die in chasing this dream.)
Timothy Patrick McGorry (That's me. I'm the bastard son of culture. And the Good Son of John and Debra. I love my parents. I know you might not have parents, and I don't know the many struggles you've had in life. But I have struggled. My father is dying and before he goes, I want to show him I can change America. For the Better. I used viral marketing legally and respectfully. I've put in my work at NYC comedy clubs. It's time for a change. For all of our friends. I am going to get all my creative friends awesome job oppurtunities before 2009 is over. That is my oath. I am simply a jester with a dream. Do not take me for anything else. To quote Bill Hicks Quoting John Lennon "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one")
Mariah Carey: Because everyone in the world thinks christmas songs are bullshit, but your song showed us that music has the power to change us all. No matter the fucking genre.
Jesses Family: For listening to me when I asked them respectfully if Jesse could edit the video.
Casey the Dog (The dog from the video. She is awesome and likes long walks.)
Joe McGorry: My uncle. My mentor. You are going to play golf with Ahnold, your hero, before the year is up. I'll make it happen.
The McGorry household: Our setting. If you, or any press, come to my house and annoy my father, I will be angry. He deserves his peace, he's worked his whole life to see his children succeed in this world. He is also very sick. If you are a cool hollywood celebrity or creator, try to message me and request to pay your respects. I will be in touch. He taught me everything I know. My mother for decorating the house every christmas so it looked nice for the neighbors. There is pride in whatever you do.)
All of our friends, family, and loved ones.
Improv. For teaching me to speak from the Heart.
The UCB 4:For Being Brilliant and Genius.
Ian Roberts: For taking the time to talk to me during The Del Close Marathon 2 years ago.
Besser: For telling Ian I wasn't listening
Amy: I'm sorry my girlfriend (at the time. ;) I'm single now) asked you what Will Arnetts Dick tasted like. It won't happen again.
Walsh: For Dog Bites Man.
Del Close. He had a purpose, and the world almost missed it.
America. For Being The Greatest Country a Man can Grow up in.
The Rest of The World. I haven't met you yet. Maybe we'll be friends. Who knows? I'm gonna try and redefine how the world percieves America.
LOST, lol. For teaching me how to build a mystery.
Stephen King. For teaching me how to write a story.
Hunter S. Thompson. For Writing about his party.
Bad Robot. For Obvious reasons.
Pixar. For thinking outside the box and re-inventing the way people tell stories.
Dreamworks. Because Spielberg is a genius.
Troublemaker Studios (extra special thanks to robert & quentin for giving a storyteller hope)
Will & Adam:Because if they hadn't created this forum, NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING. I'll get that meeting I told you about when I first joined this site. A week ago. All I ask is you hear my pitch. Nothing more.
BARACK FUCKING OBAMA: For Being A Black Man in the White House. You are an inspiration to a Generation. Even a fucked-up white boy from the suburbs can lose hope. Thanks for making it cool again. Can't wait to meet ya. Maybe.
To Every American: You have the power to be an Upright Citizen, too. Just like us.
Aaaaaaaaaand Andrew WK. For showing me what the True American Soul of A Kind, Humble, Man can do.
Anything is possible. ANYTHING. Think about it.
Don't think.