Tragedy strikes at the shopping mall. Written and performed by Eric Fullerton... more »

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A scene from HEAVY RAIN, a video game by Quantic Dream & Sony Computer Entertainment.

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May 23, 2010


=== LYRICS ===

The rain has stopped,
the sun came out,
what a beautiful day to take my family out,
to the mall.

Then we split up,
My wife takes Sean to get some shoes for his feet.
that's really sweet,
but I got Jason

I got Jason,
Oh wait no, where did he go?
He was standing right here,
my wife is gonna kill me.

Jason, where did he go?
ya got me searching high and low.
My heart is racin',
Press X to Jason

I'm walking around,
then I see a clown,
and next to him is my little boy,
so I bought him a toy.

He's selling balloons.
Jason wants a red one.
So I shell out 2 single dollar bills,
then Jason runs for the hills.

My wife just spotted me,
Then I tell her our son is gone,
then I'm on the hunt again,
Press X to Jason.

Jason, Press X to Jason.
Press X to Jason.
Jason, it's you that I'm chasin'.
Press X to Jason.
Press X to Jason.
Press X to Jason.

Suddenly there's a crowd in this mall,
I don't see Jason, he's so small.
Oh hey, I see a red balloon,
oh no, that's not my kid at all.

Then I walk outside to see Jason crossing the street,
How could he have walked that far?
Then Jason is killed by a car.