Prince William is now taken but that has never bothered this group of dedicated women who have set their sights higher. Much higher... On...
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written &Produced by Brona C Titley
Directed &Edited by Dermot Canterbury
DOP: Imran Uppal
Sound: Felix Mulder
Art by: Miranda Benzies
Additional Editing by: Siobhan McGill
(in order of appearance)
Grace: Brona C Titley
Interviewer voice: Dan Wheeler
Lorna: Donnla Hughes
Cassie: Cassie Laver
Leonie: Leonie Hill
Erin: Erin Hunter
Steve: Albion Gray
Pippa Middleton: Holly McGlynn
Special thanks to: Kate McLaughlin, Lauren Dark and Faye and Shannon at Met Film.
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