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It started with ties in the World Cup and helmet headbutts on bicycles at the Tour de... more »
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Let’s Talk Sports...

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve discussed things that I feel are wimpy about sports.  It started with ties in the World Cup, and most recently helmet head-butting on bicycles in the Tour de France.  But I think I’ve found something that may never be topped.  Wind delays at golf’s British Open.  Yeah, I watching the second round of the Open at St. Andrews
when I hear the air horn.  Officials start walking around the course
informing the players of whats going on.  And this wasn’t rain or
lighting that would force the players off the course for safety, the is
was delay the literally caused people to just sit down on the course.  

It’s a sad day for Ride The Pine as softball icon Jennie Finch
said she will retire next month.  I remember in high school, hanging
out with all of my buddies and watching the Softball College World
Series just so we could stare at Jennie Finch.  Goodbye.

Speaking of the hotness, if you haven’t done so already, head to, the polls are still open for you to vote on the hottest girl at the ESPYs.  Results will be announced on our next show.

The New Jersey Devils just signed a player, Ilya Kovalchuk,
a dude who’s name I won’t even try to pronounce, to a 17-year
contract.  Which seems absurd, except its a genius way for teams to work
around the salary cap.

Great ready for Brett Favre’s name to be thrown around ESPN's SportsCenter about hundred times a day as the saga starts back up, after Vikings head coach Brad Childress visited Favre in Mississippi.  Brett, everyone knows you are coming back lets not make a big spectacle of it this year, please.

And here’s a couple of things to check out while you are on the pine...

Will Floyd Mayweather ever man up and fight Manny Pacquiao
It seems Pacquiao is willing to do anything Mayweather requests, but it
seems Mayweather is nervous about losing the undefeated record.  Will
guess what Floyd, if you don’t take this fight your underfeated record
will mean NOTHING.

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And that’s my view from the pine...

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