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Hello I take it your orde
Yea let me get a uhhhh…let me get a order of General Tso’s Chicken
General Tso’s chicken anything else?
Mmmmm let me get a egg roll
General Tso’s Chicken Egg roll ten minute ok
Aight thanks...hurry up wit that shit

General Tso’s Chicken Chick 8X
General Tso’s Chicken!

When my stomachs rumbling
And I need something
Chew the finger lickin
General Tso's Chicken
Speed to the China Wok
My neighborhood China spot
Order what I need in 10 minutes I'ma have it hot
Eggroll on the side and a bottle of the ice tea
Mr. General Tso's all together wit the rice see
second rule in effect if by chance I should drop it
But let me get a spoon cause I'm no good wit the chop sticks
I don’t need no time, to look over the menu
Let me get a order of that General Tso's! Can you
Hurry up Ms. china bitch
Can I get my food quick
But I don’t say this to her face cause in my food she might spit
I might be eating puppy dog, I might be eating kitty kat
I might be eating rabbit or I might be eating alley rat
Some fell up on my shirt and I caught it wit the quick speed
Walked up out the restaurant wit stains on my white tee.

General Tso’s Chicken Chick 8X
General Tso’s Chicken!

“Out in the street they call it Chicken!!!”

I don’t want no pork chow mien
I don’t want no beef low mien
Just let me get a steaming plate of that General Tso’s man
Spicy when it's going in, burning when it’s coming out
That’s why I keep some Preparation H at my house
I’m down wit the general everybody knows man
I got that sweet and spicy sauce runnin through my veins
Everyday I wake up feaning for the china burnt
You need to go to KFC! Fuck what you heard
Food and Garden, China Wok
Take a pick they both good spots
Even if it hits the floo
They put it back up in the wok
Sometimes I eat it at the spot
Sometimes I take it back to my place
The dirtier the restaurant
The better that the food taste
I love it more than anything
I eat it everyday
I got some General Tso’s sauce
Stainin up my J's

General Tso’s Chicken Chick 8X
General Tso’s Chicken!