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Full Credits

Verne Troyer John
Narrarator Jude Gerard Prest
Gary Owen Clint
Larry Clarke Police Chief
Jillian Reynolds Rich Lady
Kym Whitley Stripper at Party
Clint's sister/Old Lady Andrea Cansler
Detective at Pool Guy Stevenson
Younger Brother McCabe Stevenson
Older Brother Andrew Caldwell
Dead Body Ryan VanAusdall
Meter Maids David Thies
Chad Kady
Nate Wessel
Will Shipp
Matt "The Beard" Bischoff
Homeowner 1 Big Tommy Lee
Clint's Friend Ryan Corbin
Gangsters Brad Williams
Michael Peoples
Greyhound Dog MegaMan
Brussols Griffon Spam
Dog Wrangler Dina Zaphiris
No animals were harmed or ridden in the making of this fake trailer**********
Porsche Driver Adam McFarlene
Bicycle Stunt Chad Kagy
Bicycle Ramp Builder Nate Wessel - Wessel Built Ramps
Bearded Wonder Matt Bischoff
Bike Provided by Failure Bikes
Produced and Directed by David Thies
Written By Guy Stevenson and David Thies
Concept by David Thies
Edited by Matt Stevenson
Vince Masciale
Production Manager Marni Thies
Director of Photography Evin Grant
1 Assistant Camera Alec Cason
Steadicam Operator Ken Nierberg
788t Audio Will Shipp
Post Audio Jason Perez
Motion Graphics Brian Honican
Grip and Electric
Gaffer Chris Pritzlaff
Best Boy Jarrett Sexton
Grips Adam McFarlane
Adam Genzik
Make Up David Abbott
MotorHomes TC Motorhomes - Bill Thies Driver
Oink! Craft Service Pam Ford
Shot on Red camera #199 Thanks to Evin Grant
All other gear supplied by Tvacom Film and TV Inc.

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February 17, 2010