The History of 420 as told by Cheech and Chong.

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Actors: Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Dave Theune, Pam Murphy, Matt Newell
Director/Writer/Actor/Editor: Ian Pfaff
Writers: Avin Das, Dashiell Driscoll
Producer: Ben Sheehan
Executive Producer: Funny or Die
Production Designer: Tricia Robertson
DP: Aaron Ulrich
Camera Operator: Zach Zdziebko
Grip: Matt Sweeney
Gaffer: Ian Thomas
Sound: Peter Olsted & Adam Douglass for BoTown Sound
Hair & Makeup: Jamie Richmond
PA: Taylor Stephens
Special Thanks: Alf LaMont, Paris Chong, Nic Adler, Ted Cohen


Narrator: 420.
The number and date is
significant to those who
partake in the use
of marijuana.
But what is it's
Pam Murphy: The number 420 is significant
in many ancient cultures.
Narrator: Where did
it come from?
Dave Theune: As a top biologist,
I can tell you
that 420 is everywhere
in nature.
Narrator: Was it a time that teens
in the 70s reserved for
smoking doobies, or the police
code for the possession of pot?
Tommy Chong: The true 420 experience is something
that you can never remember.
Narrator: Tonight on
Truth Diggers,
we get to the
bottom of 420.
American historians have
recently learned that marijuana
and 420 played a key role in
the development of this country.
Matt Newell: Our forefathers were
heavily influenced by the
Matt Newell: mystery of 420.
Narrator: The founding fathers
were members of
a secret society known as
the Freemasons.
Tommy Chong: Yeah, on the dollar bill,
the pyramid with the eye,
Tommy Chong: that's a Freemason thing.
Tommy Chong: They were the guys that
build pyramids and buildings--
Cheech Marin: I thought that was the
guys that made the jars.
Tommy Chong: Mason Jars?
Cheech Marin: Yeah.
Tommy Chong: Yeah.
Tommy: There's a band called
Mason too, right?
Cheech: Yeah
Narrator: Could the Freemasons
offer clues to the
origins of 420?
Tommy Chong: Tommy: In order to become a
Freemason, you had to know
Tommy Chong: the answer to 4 times 20.
Tommy Chong: You gotta know
that answer.
Tommy Chong: And if you knew
that answer, man,
Tommy Chong: then you were
apart of the club.
Matt Newell: The Freemason society was
actually a huge marijuana collective.
Tommy Chong: Tommy: And that weed goes all the
way back to the ancient
Tommy Chong: cultures, you know.
Pam Murphy: There are 420 characters
in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Cheech Marin: Hieroglyphics.
Cheech Marin: Higher than the
other glyphics.
Narrator: Ancient Egypt,
home to pyramids,
the Sphinx,
and an ancient elite
pop culture?
Pam Murphy: The 420th character
is known as Toki.
Tommy Chong: He was a real life man,
Tommy Chong: with a pot leaf
for a head.
Pam Murphy: Pam: Egyptian myths
described Toki as a god that
Pam Murphy: enlightened everyone
with his marijuana head.
The Egyptian character Toki is
often depicted flying around
in a bong shaped thing, that
some think is a space ship.
Tommy Chong: It's obviously space
ship shaped like a bong.
Cheech Marin: Bong. Yeah.
A bong is the perfect shape for
a spaceship designed for
interstellar travel.
Tommy Chong: The Egyptians, they didn't go
into outer space, man.
Tommy Chong: They went into...
Multiple Voices: Inner space.
Tommy Chong: And so the bong symbolizes
your journey into the universe,
Tommy Chong: but the inner universe.
Cheech: Hieroglyphics.
Tommy: Yeah.
Narrator: We dig deeper
in ancient Greece.
Pam Murphy: Pam: 420 and marijuana were
huge parts of ancient Greek culture.
Pam Murphy: The olive wreaths warn
around it's head were
Pam Murphy: actually marijuana plants
fused to the brain.
Tommy Chong: Once they put that shit
around their head, man
Tommy Chong: they evolved
incredibly, man.
Tommy Chong: And that's why you had
great thinkers like Socrates
Tommy Chong: and that other dude.
Cheech Marin: Uh...Socrates junior?
Tommy Chong: Have you ever tried pot
around your head?
Cheech Marin: No.
Tommy Chong: You should man.
Cheech Marin: Oh.
Pam Murphy: Pam: The Greek mathematician Tokenclese
Pam Murphy: actually game up for
the formula for "hi".
Tommy Chong: Tommy: Which is 4.20.
Tommy Chong: 420.
Cheech Marin: Ooh.
Pam Murphy: Sumerian cave drawings depict
visitors from another planet.
Pam Murphy: And that planet is in what
astronomers call
Pam Murphy: The Weed Constellation.
The Weed Constellation is
only visible from earth
once every 420 years.
Narrator: Ancient alien potheads
from across the solar system?
Tommy Chong: Think about it man. Why would
you want to leave a planet
Tommy Chong: that's full of weed?
Tommy Chong: You know why?
Cheech Marin: Why?
Tommy Chong: Fertilizer.
Tommy Chong: That's why they're coming
to earth, man, because
Tommy Chong: hey, who is more full of
bull shit than earth?
Cheech Marin: I never thought
of it like that.
Narrator: Sure it sounds
crazy, but experts agree,
it makes a lot
of sense.
I mean, you can't just
make this stuff up.
It's science.
Narrator: The universe is
home to many mysteries.
The number 420 is just found
in everywhere through our galaxies.
Since the dawn of astronomy
we thought there were infinite
stars in the sky, but we just
finished counting, and
it turns out
there's 420 billion.
Narrator: Sometimes theories come
along with change in a
way we think
about everything.
Dave Theune: If you think about it
Dave Theune: each person is made up of
various ecosystems from
Dave Theune: microscopic organisms.
Dave Theune: So in effect, each person
is a planet for these
Dave Theune: microscopic beings.
Dave Theune: So, logically it makes sense
that planets are people.
Now we've also realized
that asteroids and comets are
actually burning balls of hash
that fly through the universe.
Cheech Marin: Burning hash balls
in the universe.
Cheech Marin: Hey, that's cool, man.
And if one of these burning
balls of hash gets to close
to a planet, that planet can
actually experience the
effects of marijuana
and get high.
Tommy Chong: That's explains a lot of the
fucked up things
Tommy Chong: on earth, you know.
Narrator: Biologists and
astronomers have adopted
The Person Planet
With The Person Planet Theory,
we've realized that
planets are actually sentient beings,
and they communicate
with each other
by spinning.
Dave Theune: Can you imagine the conversations
between planets?
[coughing is heard]
Male Voice 1: Whoa.
Man, you ever feel like there's
billions of living
things on you, like starting
societies and what not?
Male Voice 2: You're so
high man.
Male Voice 1: Uh, yeah.
Male Voice 2: Hey, the wife and
I are having a kid.
Male Voice 1: Far out man.
Male Voice 1: You got a
named picked out.
Male Voice 2: Yeah, we're going
to name him after
my grandfather.
Multiple Voices: Whoa!
Narrator: When we come back, we'll
explore the Big Bong Theory,
and speculate the
existence of God.
Tommy Chong: I know what
God looks like.
Tommy Chong: He's like a zebra in a
wheelchair with a bong.
Narrator: We'll return
on Truth Diggers.