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During this time of economic unrest, war, and uncertainty, a song has been created...... more »
Published November 19, 2011 100 views More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Material provided by friends and creative commons licenses. Thanks for keeping it free, amigos!
Attribution and Much thanks go out to (in order of appearance)
-Pinwheel by ausbar (morguefile)
-Balloon Fiesta by huntva by huntva
-Maasai Women's Dance by modiyar
-Reef Fish by octaviolopez (morguefile)
-Children Singing by sangmumunju
-Seas by cc
-Trees by kconnors (morguefile)
-Leaves by williamvoorhees
-City by kconnors
-Kitty by cc
-Rejection by jtime100
-Aurora Borealis by
-Red as itself
-Blue as itself
-Green as itself
-Puce by Dave Lonsdale (flickr)
-Susukino Yosakoi Festival by 14degrees
-Running of the Bulls by SelfLovingMan
-Sky by
-Eye by middlewick (morguefile)
-Guy Hit With the Pie by origami768
-UK by RightIndex (flickr)
-Souffle by jules:stonesoup (flickr)
-No Speak English by me
-12 Dollars by John-p (stock.xchng)
-Sunrise by mockmoon2000
-Mariachi Concert by so3mex
-Children Singing by EkSapnaa
-Hold Hands by iTreasure
-Boss by Henkster (stock.xchng)
-Kung Fu by MillCreekEnt
-Sneeze by cc
-Child by Kryten (flickr)
-Wild by wesleypd17
-Nails by DevineVolupta
-Walmart by Stan C.
-Kmart by Stan C.
-Footprint and Heart by me
-Toilet by Alvimann (morguefile)
-Soiled Toilet by mguptubru8 (flickr)
-Egg by dieraecherin (morguefile)
-Scrambled by beglib (morguefile)
-Poached by melodi2 (morguefile)
-Boiled by beglib (morguefile)
-Inflation by BigestBubbler
-Chow Fun by YGX (flickr)
-Spaceship by Jake and me
-Story by TonomuraBix (deviantart)
-Thicken by University of Iowa
-Chicken 1 by kakisky (morguefile)
-Chicken 2 by xprinceofmacedonx
-Hot Dog Stand by adriansewell (morguefile)
-Steel Drum Band by myndzcommunity
-Angry Dad by ross666 (stock.xchng)
-Disneyland Paris by davey1986
-History by nagygl (morguefile)
-Christmas Tree by sullivan (morguefile)
-Happy Me by me
-Starry Night as itself
-Bright Future by CiaranPaulRoche
-Love Not Fight by Yuki (mi amiga)
-Yellow Flowers by bosela (morguefile)
-Favorite Show by cc
-Chords by Ethan Hein (flickr)
-Guitar by thesaint (sock.xchng)
-Stars and Trees by
-Rainbow by LifeHouseDesign (flickr)
-Flower Lapse by solarissmoke
-Hands by kevinrosseel (morguefile)
-Protest by twiglyfigly
-Dance by LTNationalOpera
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Published November 19, 2011
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