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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Brandon T. Jackson, Sydney Poitier, DJ Skee, Jason Beghe, Karime Simmons, Liam White, Tess Kartel & Malik Barnhardt
Directed by:Tanya Ryno & Motion Family
Writing by:
Brandon T. Jackson, Tanya Ryno, Blackwell Cooper & Kenny Keil
Song by: Meko Yohannes
Mike Farah - Executive Producer
Brandon T. Jackson - Executive producer
Twan Williams - Executive Producer
Bill McKinney - Executive Producer
Tanya Ryno - Producer
Royal Jackson - Associate Producer
Betsy Koch - Co-Producer
Cinematography by: Sebastian Urrea & Diwang Valdez
Film Editing by Sebastian Urrea & David KA
Wardrobe Stylist / Costume Design: Melis Kuris
Wardrobe Assistant (or Assistant to Melis): Becky Thompson
Costume Design: Aubrey Binzer (Twitter Bird)
Makeup Department: Sara Irving & Kamani Sawyer
Sound Department: Bo Sundberg
Special Effects: Lemuel Plummer
Stunts: Kofi Elam & Ousaun Elam
Music Department: Darryl Farmer
Opening Score: Carlos Vallejo
Lisa Fabris - Script Supervisor
Elliot Dickerhoof - PA
Will Beckstein - PA
Rob Harrell - Weapons Expert
Daniel Love - PA
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